MediaTek filogic supports Wi Fi 7 technology and leads the development of wireless connection industry

On January 19, 2022, MediaTek announced that it was the first to successfully complete the on-site demonstration of Wi Fi 7 technology. The upcoming MediaTek filogic Wi Fi 7 wireless connection platform has outstanding performance. MediaTek has brought two Wi Fi 7 technology demonstrations to major customers and industry partners, fully demonstrating the transmission performance of high-speed and low delay.

Xu Haojun, deputy general manager of MediaTek and general manager of intelligent connectivity division, said: “the launch of Wi Fi 7 marks that Wi Fi can truly replace high bandwidth wired / Ethernet technology. MediaTek’s Wi Fi 7 technology will provide strong core network capabilities for home, commercial and industrial networks and provide seamless connections for applications such as multiplayer AR / VR applications, cloud games, 4K video calls and 8K streaming media.”

MediaTek has verified that its filogic Wi Fi 7 technology can reach the peak speed defined by IEEE 802.11be. At the same time, MediaTek also demonstrated multi link operation (MLO) technology, which can aggregate multiple channels in different frequency bands at the same time. Even if the frequency band is disturbed or congested, the data can still be transmitted seamlessly, so as to realize faster and more reliable network connection, which is very important for applications such as video streaming and games that need constant, continuous and real-time throughput.

Mario Morales, vice president of global semiconductor research at IDC, said: “faster broadband network access, higher resolution video streaming applications and VR games are driving the market demand for Wi Fi 6, Wi Fi 6e and Wi Fi 7. Wi Fi 7 enhances bandwidth, QAM and multi link operation (MLO) And other new functions. These new features are very attractive for vertical industry devices such as flagship smartphones, personal computers, consumer electronics, retail and industry. Service providers can start to deploy more widely in these segments. “

Moon Ho Lee, President of mercury in South Korea, said: “today’s consumers want to obtain continuous online, stable, reliable and high-speed Wi Fi connection in applications such as video call, 4K / 8K TV entertainment and real-time games. MediaTek’s Wi Fi 7 technology can meet all the current application needs of consumers and open the door to future applications such as AR / VR that we can’t imagine at present.”

Wi Fi 7 provides new features for all available Wi Fi spectrum, including 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz. Wi Fi 7 can transmit 2.4 times faster than Wi Fi 6 through 320mhz channel and 4K quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) technology under the condition of using the same number of antennas. The important functions of Wi Fi 7 also include MLO technology to reduce delay by transmitting data on multiple Wi Fi bands, and multi-user resource unit (MRU) function to reduce and avoid signal interference.

MediaTek has been actively involved in research and development since the birth of Wi Fi 7 standard, and is one of the first enterprises to adopt this technology. MediaTek products using Wi Fi 7 technology are expected to be available in 2023.

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