Xun Kun ™ Series helps manufacturers build mobile computing devices with strong performance, light weight and long-term endurance

On September 9, 2021, MediaTek released xunkun today ™ 900t, MediaTek xunkun ™ Another new member of the series of mobile computing platforms enriches MediaTek’s product portfolio in the mobile computing market and helps to upgrade the mobile computing experience of tablets, laptops and other products in an all-round way.

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile computing device market, consumers’ demand for tablet functions and experience is becoming more and more diversified. MediaTek launched xunkun for the mobile computing market ™ Series of platforms, by integrating the technical advantages in many fields such as computing, communication, multimedia, AI, games and wireless connection, bring strong computing power and ultra-low power consumption characteristics to mobile computing devices, further empower equipment manufacturers and create productivity tools that more meet the needs of users and the market.

Zeng Baoqing, general manager of MediaTek intelligent multimedia business unit, said: “MediaTek xunkun ™ Series platforms provide a solid Computing Foundation for mobile computing devices, and we will continue to enrich xunkun ™ Product portfolio, expand technical advantages and help equipment manufacturers create excellent mobile computing products. Upgrade users’ business office and entertainment experience with strong computing power, excellent audio-visual multimedia, smooth game experience, advanced 5g and wireless connection technology. “

“Fast” means fast and efficient, “Kun” means powerful energy. MediaTek fast Kun ™ Xunkun series has been launched this year, which can be used for high-end tablets ™ 1300T, an enabling tablet with flagship features, is the xunkun released this time ™ 900t will also bring users a fish like high-performance experience.

Xun Kun ™ 900t is manufactured based on 6nm advanced technology and designed with eight core CPU architecture, including two arm cortex-a78 super performance cores and six arm cortex-a55 energy-efficient cores. Equipped with arm mali-g68 GPU and AI processor MediaTek APU, it can provide strong mobile computing power for the equipment. Xun Kun ™ 900t supports flagship lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage, and can be adapted to 2K resolution 120Hz refresh rate screen. It can enjoy rapid performance whether it is business office or game competition.

MediaTek xunkun ™ 900t platform features also include:

·High speed 5g network: xunkun ™ 900t integrated 5g modem supports SA / NSA dual-mode networking, covers 5g sub-6ghz full band all Netcom, supports 5g key technologies such as 5g dual carrier aggregation and vonr service, and combines MediaTek 5g ultrasave power saving technology to enable users to enjoy high-speed 5g network, reduce 5g communication power consumption, prolong equipment life, and make productivity creation more lasting.

·Advanced wireless connection: support 2×2 MIMO Wi Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, bringing high-speed and stable network connection for users’ office and entertainment applications. With the help of Advanced Bluetooth 5.2, it can also realize a variety of peripheral expansion and low power consumption.

·Excellent audio-visual multimedia: equipped with MediaTek miravision image quality engine, it can intelligently enhance the image quality of video display, enhance the SDR video content to close to the display effect of HDR, upgrade hdr10 to close to hdr10 +, support the real-time image quality enhancement function of hdr10 + video playback, and improve the appearance of video picture.

MediaTek xunkun ™ Series of platforms have been widely used by many equipment manufacturers around the world to create mobile computing devices that sell well all over the world, including chromebook laptops and tablets. MediaTek xunkun ™ 900t tablet will be available in the near future.

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