On December 16, 2021, MediaTek held the Tianji flagship strategy and new platform press conference, joined hands with global partners to share the breakthrough progress of diversified products in recent years, and officially released the Tianji 9000 flagship 5g mobile platform, which brings more cutting-edge product experience to global users with the accumulation of advanced technologies in computing, games, video, multimedia and 5g communication.

Chen Guanzhou, general manager of MediaTek, said: “MediaTek has continued to grow steadily and achieved milestone development in recent years, thanks to our full layout in innovation and technology. MediaTek has built a diversified product portfolio based on cutting-edge technology, which has been widely recognized by terminal brands and consumers all over the world. With the trend of 5g replacement and the growth of high-end market, Tianji 5g mobile platform has been highly recognized in the global market, and I am proud of it We will continue to invest and deepen in technologies in many fields such as computing, multimedia and communication, so as to bring flagship experience different from the past to global users. Terminals using the new Tianji 9000 flagship mobile platform will be launched in the first quarter of 2022. “

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With the promotion and rapid evolution of 5g business, cutting-edge technology has become the driving force to expand the market. MediaTek’s 5g technology has expanded from smart phones to more application fields. Diversified product portfolio is playing value on more terminal devices, such as 5g notebook computers, tablets, MiFi, CPE, industrial Internet of things, etc. MediaTek continues to pursue breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation and professional technology. The new Tianji 9000 flagship 5g mobile platform will bring users an innovative flagship mobile experience.

Dr. Xu Jingquan, deputy general manager of MediaTek and general manager of wireless communication division, said: “In the 5g business process, MediaTek’s role has always been the booster of global 5g development. We continue to innovate in technology, product and brand, enabling 5g market to bring more possibilities. This year, we brought users Tianji 9000 with more excellent and advanced use experience, opening a new generation of Tianji flagship high-performance mobile platform, which has unimaginable advantages Advanced technology and differentiated experience are provided to build a global flagship 5g smartphone. “

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The flagship 5g mobile platform of Tianji 9000 adopts the industry’s advanced TSMC 4nm process and armv9 architecture, and integrates the new generation 5g modem MediaTek M80 supporting 3GPP R16 standard. It not only has a high-performance CPU and GPU core, but also has an ISP processing performance of 9 billion pixels per second. At the same time, Tianji 9000 is also equipped with an energy-efficient AI processor MediaTek’s fifth generation APU, As a flagship 5g mobile platform, Tianji 9000 will provide better performance and better power consumption through all-round breakthrough.

Partners from all over the world delivered speeches for the press conference (in order of appearance):

Xu Fei, deputy director of mobile communication innovation center of China Academy of information and communications, said: “in the 5g era, MediaTek and imt2020 (5g) The promotion group cooperated closely and actively participated in 5g technology test. It was one of the first chip manufacturers to participate in the complete test of 5g SA technology test in China, and then launched mature and reliable Tianji series 5g mobile phone chips, which promoted the prosperity and development of 5g terminal market. In 2021, MediaTek launched a new generation of 3GPP R16 version of M80 5g modem and continued to fully participate in the test of imt-2020 5g new technology. The launch of Tianji flagship new products with built-in M80 modem will provide leading 5g R16 commercial technology for terminal manufacturers in the industry, promote 5g development to the next stage, and promote the further upgrading of 5g technology and market. “

Wang Hengjiang, deputy general manager of China mobile terminal Corporation, said: “China Mobile and MediaTek have always had profound cooperation. During the two years of 5g commercial use, MediaTek has launched a number of 5g chips with excellent product functions and performance, which has made an important contribution to the commercial scale and leading of China Mobile 5g SA terminal. At present, it has become the largest 5g chip supplier in China’s mobile market. This release is MediaTek’s continuous and firm investment in 5g R & D The result of high-end breakthrough is believed to further drive the development of 5g terminal industry. As 5g development enters a new stage, we will continue to move forward side by side with MediaTek and open more comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation in the evolution of 5g technology and terminals in mobile phones, families, industries and other fields. “

China Unicom terminal and channel support center Chen Fengwei, deputy general manager of China Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd., said: “Since the release of the first 5g mobile platform of Tianji series, MediaTek has been continuously recognized by brand customers and end users through the highly integrated and continuously innovative 5g chip scheme, and the market share has continued to rise; the first independent brand 5g mobile phone of China Unicom, youchangxiang 20, has also adopted mediak Tianji 5g chip. At the same time, China Unicom and MediaTek have cooperated in the field of 5g new technology Communication has also been deepened and expanded. A number of technical tests, including R16 new feature, have been carried out in China Unicom to promote the evolution of 5g industry, and is committed to providing high-quality service experience for China Unicom users. In the new year, we look forward to continuing cooperation with MediaTek in the whole category of terminals. We also expect MediaTek Tianji’s new flagship to bring more surprises to the market and users, and continue to meet consumers’ growing demand for a richer digital life. “

China telecom terminal operation center Chen Li, deputy general manager of Tianyi Telecom Terminal Co., Ltd., said: “Since the advent of Tianji 5g mobile phone chip, MediaTek has continued to gain the recognition of the market and users with technological innovation. China Telecom has also worked closely with MediaTek in the fields of super uplink, carrier aggregation and vonr to jointly promote the development of the industry. Looking forward to 2022, MediaTek is looking forward to bringing a new 5g experience to individuals, families and industry users!”

Simon segars, chief executive officer of arm, said: “Tianji 9000 will bring first-class CPU performance, powerful graphics processing capability, excellent low latency 5g network and energy efficiency performance, which can meet the needs of the next generation of user experience. Tianji 9000 is the first product based on armv9 architecture in the market. This product release marks the new stage of the partnership between arm and MediaTek, which has driven billions of chip shipments worldwide for more than ten years steps. We are pleased to see MediaTek enter the high-end flagship market and give the next generation of flagship smartphones the best top-level experience. We look forward to the cooperation between the two sides to innovate again and bring more highlights and opportunities to the world. “

Atsushi Kitaoka, vice president of Sony semiconductor technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: “MediaTek has a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Sony semiconductor technology, and it is our common goal to provide users with better picture experience. Multi exposure video HDR technology is our latest cooperative achievement. Through this technology, users can meet the needs of 4K 2K HD HDR video recording in different scenes. It can be said that HDR is our shadow Like one of the core technologies of experience. In the future, you will see more excellent results of cooperation between the two sides. We will further improve the HDR video experience, reduce the picture ambiguity and improve the dynamic range! “

Global senior vice president of discovery media group Qiu Huang, general manager of East and Southeast Asia, said: “For the first time, discovery and MediaTek have launched the chase incremental extreme image cooperation program. The three directors and professional photographers of discovery will use the 5g mobile phone equipped with MediaTek Tianji chip to go to the extreme environment, capture the most difficult moments, and witness how new technology allows us to tell more moving stories to the audience. These three works will be grandly released next year. Thank you Please look forward to it! “

Jesuk Lee, vice president of advanced development department of Samsung image sensor, said: “In order to provide consumers with better and more advantageous products, Samsung isocell and MediaTek began to cooperate in the field of auto focusing since 2015, and then conducted in-depth cooperation in various fields such as HDR and color filter. Samsung isocell has always been excellent in the field of ultra-high pixel and ultra-fine pixel image sensors. It successfully developed more than 100 million pixels in 2019 and will be launched in 2021 The 0.64 micron 200 million pixel image sensor was released in September. When the light is sufficient, it can take 200 million pixel resolution. In the dark environment, it can synthesize small pixels into large pixels of 1.28 or 2.56 microns, improve the light receiving area and take bright and clear photos. In order to drive the high pixel mode of 200 million pixel sensor, pixel rearrangement technology is needed. In order to capture clear image quality and details in multiple environments, a pixel rearrangement technology based on deep learning AI is developed. The delay caused by operation improvement has been greatly improved through MediaTek’s APU. In order to provide you with higher pixels and more advanced smartphone camera technology, Samsung isocell and MediaTek will continue to maintain close cooperation. “

Li congbing, deputy general manager of Tencent game R & D efficiency department, said: “Tencent games and MediaTek have been working closely on the layout of game technology. Since entering the 5g era, we have been paying close attention to the release of each Tianji 5g chip since 2020. Tianji series 5g chips have been continuously distributed in the game ecology of mobile terminal, especially for the layout of mobile light tracking technology. In 2021, we and MediaTek have been targeting mobile light tracking for the first time at the US GDC conference The scheme has released relevant cooperation results, and the in-depth optimization results of other GPU rendering technologies have a very excellent performance. In terms of the layout of black technology jointly created by the two sides, in addition to pursuing a higher-end game user experience, it also brings a new chapter to the trend of mobile games. We are glad to see that Tianji has gained the recognition of the market and the majority of users and promoted the development and large-scale popularization of 5g. In 2022, we look forward to continuing our in-depth cooperation with MediaTek and moving forward side by side on the 5g road. We also wish Tianji a continuous breakthrough in the future and bring more surprises to the mobile phone market! “

Fu Lean, the head of AI engineering platform, said tiktok: “Tiktok and MediaTek have a very close cooperation in tiktok technology. At present, both sides have achieved remarkable results in the direction of video quality. In the video of the video, the two sides have completed the 2K AI super score for the first time based on the intelligent creative team inference engine ByteNN, combined with the super computing power of the new generation of MediaTek, and achieved excellent results, and also have a strong performance. , and excellent power performance. The video super scoring tiktok project will provide excellent user experience for more users. In the future, we hope to further cooperate with MediaTek in more directions, and more algorithms can use MediaTek AI capability to further improve the comprehensive quality and user experience of the tiktok and other products.

Several OEM manufacturers support Tianji 9000 mobile platform (according to the order of appearance):

Oppo vice president Duan Yaohui, President of mobile phone product line, said: “Oppo and MediaTek have long maintained in-depth cooperation in technological innovation and product R & D. We are very pleased to witness the launch of the new Tianji 9000 flagship platform and look forward to it setting a new performance benchmark for next year’s flagship mobile phone. We are also very excited that oppo’s next-generation find x flagship series will launch the Tianji 9000 flagship platform. This is the first collection of many cutting-edge technologies Technology’s flagship product, we hope to bring users breakthrough excellent performance and excellent energy efficiency experience. “

Vivo senior vice president Shi Yujian, chief technology officer, said: “Vivo has always attached great importance to the cooperative relationship with MediaTek. We have witnessed the rapid development of the intelligent terminal industry together. 2021 is the first year of 5g application outbreak and a new era in the communication industry. Facing the new development opportunities of the industry, vivo has launched a number of 5g intelligent terminals equipped with MediaTek Tianji. Relying on Tianji series 5g chips, in terms of platform performance, power consumption, 5g communication With its outstanding performance in AI, image and video technology, vivo has created a number of high-end 5g terminals loved by users. We are glad to see that Tianji is well known and loved by more and more users. While being recognized by the market, Tianji has also actively promoted the development and large-scale popularization of 5g. In 2022, we will continue our in-depth cooperation with MediaTek. Vivo will become the first terminal manufacturer to adopt Tianji 9000 flagship chip. In the future, both sides will continue to make breakthroughs and bring more surprises to users! “

Lu Weibing, general manager of redmi brand, said: “Tianji 9000 integrates the latest technology in the industry. It is one of the most advanced ‘super flagship’ SOCS in terms of performance, image, game, communication and AI. As a partner, redmi has long been conducting in-depth joint debugging of Tianji 9000 with MediaTek, and the measured performance is very excellent. Tianji 9000 is indeed an unprecedented performance leap. I Like everyone, we are looking forward to the official commercial use of Tianji 9000, and the next-generation flagship K50 of redmi is also ready to go. With the overall cup promotion of Tianji platform, K50 will also usher in the positioning and upgrading of the whole product line. Tianji 9000 is an indispensable key performance puzzle of K50 universe. Please look forward to it. “

Fang Fei, President of glory product line, said: “In 2021, glory and MediaTek jointly launched comprehensive cooperation in the fields of mobile phones, tablets, smart screens and other products, and launched high-quality experience products such as glory mobile phone V40 series, glory tablet V7 series and glory smart screen x2 series for consumers, which have been recognized by consumers. The new generation flagship 5g mobile platform has super performance and excellent energy efficiency performance. It will be used in the future Further in-depth cooperation with glorious new products to create a more extreme and innovative experience for consumers. “

At the press conference, MediaTek and JD communication opened JD’s “Tianji flagship store”.

Pan Haifan, general manager of JD communications division, said: “In order to meet the increasingly diverse consumer needs of consumers, over the past three years, we have jointly released nearly 100 terminal products equipped with Tianji chips with mobile phone brands, so that more consumers can experience the strong performance of Tianji’s high-end flagship products, and these products have also been recognized and loved by consumers. Now, with the common concept of ‘user experience as the core’, we will Jointly explore the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and applications, maintain close cooperation with upstream and downstream partners of the whole industrial chain, create a full segment terminal matrix of Tianji brand, enrich consumers’ experience in mobile terminals, in order to promote the construction of a more perfect ecology and create value for the advancement of the industry and social development. In the future, every consumer will also experience more, better and newer intelligent products. We will work together to build ‘Jingdong Tianji flagship store’ and write a new chapter in the intelligent era. “

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