MediaTek was the first to release the new generation of fast charging technology pump express 3.0. Through this technology, it takes only about 20 minutes for the smart phone battery to charge from complete depletion to 70%, twice the speed of other technologies on the market. It is worth mentioning that pump express 3.0 borrows the foundation and economic scale laid by usbtype-c interface, and is expected to realize the design of fast charging system with higher cost performance.

Zhu shangzu, chief operating officer of MediaTek, said that consumers are increasingly dependent on smart phones, but the problem of battery depletion has always plagued many users. Therefore, the fast charging technology has attracted considerable attention from chip suppliers and mobile phone manufacturers. At present, there are many competitive standards in the market, and even some mobile phone customers have developed their own set of fast charging technology.

MediaTek has released a new generation of mobile phone charging solution through USB type-C interface


Facing the highly competitive fast charging market, Zhu shangzu is quite confident in his own technology and product strategy. He said that pump express 3.0 is the fastest charging technology in the market, and borrows the economic scale created by many USB type-C interface standards. For example, cables and connectors follow the USB type-C specification. This means that if mobile phone manufacturers choose to import pump express 3.0, they can enjoy the cost advantage brought by the huge user base.

Pump express 3.0 is the world’s first solution to directly charge mobile phone battery through USB type-C interface. This technology will bypass the charging line inside the mobile phone and directly send the charging current to the battery, so it can avoid the heating of the mobile phone due to rapid charging.

However, although pump express 3.0 can be compatible with type-C, it is essentially a customized communication protocol developed by MediaTek, and the power supply specification is also different from type-C PD. Type-C PD can supply up to 20V and 5A current to the power receiving device, but pump express 3.0 directly charges the battery with a voltage of 3 ~ 6V and a current slightly higher than 5A.

MediaTek said that keeping the voltage within 6V is an ideal fast charging method for mobile phones, because on the mobile phone platform, the power conversion efficiency of low voltage is higher than that of high voltage. For example, the conversion efficiency of pump express 3.0 can reach 95%.

Pump express 3.0 also shows the comprehensive effect of MediaTek’s acquisition and merger. The charging transformer solution for pump express 3.0 is currently provided by Liyao. Before charging, the control chip at the transformer end will communicate with MediaTek chip through the CC pin of type-c. after confirming that both ends can support pump express 3.0, fast charging will be started. If one end does not support pump express 3.0, or one side is an unrecognized device, the transformer can only charge the mobile phone at the standard speed.

MediaTek said that the authentication of fast charging equipment is a very important security mechanism. It can be expected that mobile phone manufacturers will not want any equipment to quickly charge their own products, and may even only allow their own charging transformer to quickly charge their own mobile phones, so as to avoid the difficulty of clarifying the responsibility in case of accidents. In terms of identity authentication, MediaTek reserves flexibility for customers. They can choose to use type-C PD standard authentication or their own customized authentication methods.

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