1、 Insertion and withdrawal force of connector

The insertion and withdrawal force of the connector is to confirm that the force generated during the use of the connector can be sufficient to maintain the function of the connector and can be suitable for the user.

2、 Locking force of connector

The locking force of the connector is to ensure that the connector will not be separated in case of accident during use.

3、 Retention force of connector

In the process of connector manufacture or use, it is necessary to ensure the contact state between the connector and the terminal, and avoid the external force causing the contact terminal to deviate from the working position, resulting in the loss of connection function.

4、 Forward force of connector

Keep the positive contact stress of the connector during use to ensure that the contact resistance and friction force of the connector are low enough to ensure the connection function

5、 Service life of connector

It is mainly to confirm that the connector meets the functional requirements during the service life.

6、 Pull force of connector

Ensure that the cable and connector are firmly connected, and avoid external force on the cable Acting on the connector and causing damage to the cable and connector.

7、 Visual and dimensional inspection of connectors

Ensure the appearance and size of the product meet the requirements.

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