Apple brings us a lot of accessories every year, and this year is no exception. With the release of the iPhone 12 series, the apple MagSafe leather case has also appeared on the official website. Now, overseas media have taken the lead in this 999 yuan leather protective case. Let’s see how it feels.

Apple MagSafe leather case

The apple MagSafe leather case can provide all-round protection for the iPhone 12 series. The leather material covers both sides of the iPhone 12 to ensure that the double-sided glass will not be scratched. In addition, through the MagSafe function, the leather protective cover can also realize many new playing methods. After putting the iPhone 12 into the leather protective case, the time will be displayed in the hole above the protective case. When charging or calling, the opening position will also give corresponding prompt. However, we can’t answer the call in the leather case. We need to take out the mobile phone before answering.

In addition, the apple MagSafe leather case also supports the connection to the MagSafe wireless charger. At this time, the charging can be completed without taking out the mobile phone. With the attached lanyard, we can hang the mobile phone on the wrist or bag without worrying about the mobile phone slipping. Of course, as leather products, it is inevitable to leave traces after repeated bending, so patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder had better be careful when using them.

In general, the apple MagSafe leather case can provide all-round protection for our iPhone 12. If you are worried about the phone slipping, you might as well choose this case. Of course, the price of 999 yuan is also a high threshold, so before buying, you should make a decision based on your actual needs.

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