Positioning controller for high dynamic applications.

High performance positioning controller for maxon motor

Maxpos 50 / 5 can receive motion and I / O commands from the upper EtherCAT master station, which is responsible for process control tasks. The controller is extremely fast and provides a variety of feedback possibilities, thus creating the best preconditions for the application of permanent magnet DC and dldc motors in high performance applications. The accuracy and synchronization function of the controller have reached the most advanced level in the industry. Maxpos 50 / 5 supports COE (EtherCAT realizes can bus application layer).

Features: EtherCAT interface, fast controller and various feedback possibilities to facilitate the operation of DC motor and EC motor.


Servo controller for DC motor and EC motor current and speed control.

User friendly maxon motor servo controller series

ESCON series servo controller is a compact and efficient 4-quadrant PWM servo controller, which is used to control permanent magnet excited DC motor and BLDC motor effectively. Speed control, speed regulation and current control can meet the highest application requirements. The ESCON servo controller is designed to be controlled by an analog set point. It has perfect functions, as well as analog and digital input and output terminals. On the computer with Windows operating system installed, users can configure the device through USB interface and “ESCON studio” graphical user interface.

Features: compact structure, high efficiency, four quadrant PWM controller, using analog command control. The configuration is simple.


Positioning controller for DC motor and EC motor with encoder.

Easy positioning

EPOS is a modular digital positioning controller of maxon motor. It is suitable for 1 to 700 w permanent magnet DC motor and BLDC motor with incremental encoder. It has various operation modes and various control interfaces, which can be flexibly used in various drive systems in the field of automation and mechatronics.

Features: EPOS simple positioning system, equipped with CANopen or EtherCAT interface and interpolation position mode.

4. 1-q-ec frequency converter

Speed controller for EC motor, OEM module structure.

Control has never been so simple

Intelligent control circuit

All current, speed and positioning controllers are specially designed for DC and EC motors below 700W. Through CANopen or EtherCAT, network control can be realized quickly.

The 4-quadrant servo controller of ESCON series has compact structure, which can meet various power and speed accuracy requirements of Maxon DC and EC motors. The simple speed regulation task of EC motor with Hall sensor can be completed by using high cost performance 1 quadrant servo frequency converter with modular structure. All frequency converters can provide a variety of useful additional functions.

In addition to the precise speed and torque adjustment, if you have to complete the repetitive positioning procedure completely in the motion track, we suggest that you use our positioning control system. Epos2 and epos3 (simple positioning system) provide a series of modular products for DC and EC motors. In the high performance range, maxpos makes the function of positioning controller more perfect.

Current and speed controller:

Dec module: 1 quadrant EC frequency converter for speed control

ESCON: four quadrant servo controller for current and speed control

Positioning controller:

Epos2: simple positioning system with CANopen interface and interpolation position mode

Epos2p: programmable positioning controller with CANopen interface

Epos3: simple positioning system, equipped with Ethernet interface and COE (Ethernet can bus application layer)

Maxpos: high performance positioning controller with EtherCAT interface and COE (EtherCAT realizes can bus application layer)

Features: high cost performance and simple operation, speed control through Hall sensor (up to 250 W).

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