October 27, 2021, Beijing, China – the budget may be too small and cash may be scarce, but the deadline still exists. Rent the latest RF and microwave test instruments at an affordable price to keep your project running normally. It is the German technology joint leasing partner that launched the keysight now service project to meet the customer’s deadline with a small part of the purchase price of test instruments.

In times of uncertainty, you may need different equipment procurement strategies as you continue to innovate the next generation wireless technology. Through leasing partner yilaichu, leasing industry-leading RF, microwave and digital test equipment, find the latest products, including pna-x network analyzer, VXG microwave signal generator, uxa signal analyzer and uxr Infiniium oscilloscope, which are available at any time, so that you can start your R & D and design verification.


Why rent?

  • Flexible financial terms – use your operating budget for a period of time
  • Rapid delivery – manage unexpected needs to keep the project on track
  • No hidden costs – no equipment calibration and maintenance costs are required throughout the lease term
  • Excellent service and support – our global team has professional technical and financial knowledge and enjoys the latest keysight technology

The impact of the epidemic has not been eliminated. The complex and changeable industrial situation will increasingly become the characteristics of the times, and the uncertainty will be further amplified. Enterprises are facing more and more diversified and personalized problems in the future of industry, innovation and R & D, asset management and so on. In the face of many uncertainties and complex and changeable industrial situations, in the field of test and measurement industry and asset management, yilaichu / electro rent provides customers with greater value and flexibility in leasing services and test asset management, and makes efforts to continuously implement and better serve customers.

In addition to serving global customers with RF and microwave technologies focused for decades, yilaichu has been committed to providing the most leading test solutions from well-known brands such as Shide technology for 5g communication, IOT, semiconductor and automobile industries in recent years.

When you need it, the lease of keysight now can provide you with the equipment you need. Contact yilaichu technical consultant, and we will meet your flexible needs at the first time. How?

  • Rent with OPEX or purchase with capex
  • $1.2b stock ready for shipment – in most cases on the same day
  • Flexible replacement of equipment when test requirements change
  • The equipment is calibrated by our A2LA accredited laboratory
  • Avoid downtime by swapping out services

For more than 50 years, yilaichu has been committed to helping customers solve technical and financial test equipment problems. As the world’s largest test equipment service provider, yilaichu provides intelligent and flexible solutions to accelerate time to market and optimize costs. With $1.1 billion in inventory and world-class calibration and maintenance laboratories, a team of experts helps solve technical and financial problems related to testing. With a global sales force and fast delivery, yilaichu can deliver at the place and time you require. Yilaichu brings a better, faster and more intelligent world. It cooperates with global innovators such as Shide technology, TEC, rod and Schwartz, Anli, Ni, EXFO, viavi and fluke to keep pace with the times.

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