Maxm86146 integrates advanced algorithms, effectively saves space and shortens the development cycle by 6 months

Maxim integrated products, Inc (NASDAQ: mxim) announced the maxm86146 optical sensor solution with built-in dual photoelectric detector, which is the thinnest solution in the industry to help designers design Wearable health and fitness products quickly and easily. The module includes advanced algorithms for heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring, and supports activity classification, providing users with a real turnkey solution. The device is small in size and easy to design, which can realize the innovative design of biological detection in smaller space, and accelerate the development process of high-precision and continuous monitoring equipment.

Compared with the discrete solution, maxm86146 helps designers reduce the thickness of advanced wearable products by 45%. In addition, the module provides ready-made sign detection algorithm, which can measure vital signs according to the most stringent medical standards, so as to set aside more time to develop product differentiation functions, shorten the launch time of new products by more than 6 months, and provide additional time and space for expansion functions.

At present, wearable health monitoring products are in full swing, providing an unprecedented way for people to obtain health data, helping professional medical staff and end-users to achieve active health management, early prevention and prevention of chronic diseases. Through continuous innovation, developers help users understand their own health status more deeply, which opens the door to improve human health.

Main advantages

Minimum size: provide the thinnest optical sensor solution with integrated dual photodetectors in the world, and support lighter, smaller and more efficient product design; the module includes two photodiodes, optical AFE and microcontroller, and built-in algorithm (activity capacity classification, heart rate, SpO2 monitoring), and the package thickness of 0.88mm is 45% thinner than that of the vertical scheme.

Faster time to market: the “plug and play” module solution can shorten the development time by more than 6 months.

Key innovation: ready to use algorithms to support vital sign measurements, developers only need to focus on extended functional design.


Maxim integrated’s latest optical sensor solution enables us to focus on new functional design and significantly shorten the time to market, thus leading our competitors. In addition, with the help of carepredict equipment, nursing staff can access the activity and behavior data of the elderly from the remote, so as to realize the remote management of the health status of the elderly.

–Satish movva, founder and CEO of carepredict

For the design of the next generation of wearable health monitoring devices, product space and time to market are very valuable. With the world’s thinnest optical sensor solution with integrated dual channel photodetectors, we provide designers with the support to quickly introduce innovative features.

–Andrew Baker, executive director, industrial healthcare, Maxim integrated

Supply and price

The maxm86146cfu + is priced at US $5.84 (from 1000 tablets, FOB US), and can be purchased through Maxim’s official website and authorized dealers

The maxm86146evsys ා Evaluation Kit is available for $150

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