Max78000 AI microcontroller and xialient’s detectum ™ Combined with neural network technology, it only takes 12ms to detect and lock the face in video and image

Beijing, China – August 4, 2021 – Maxim integrated products, Inc (NASDAQ: mxim) recently announced a cooperation with xialient Inc, which focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) edge computing ™ The patented neural network scheme adopts Maxim integrated max78000 ultra-low power neural network microcontroller to detect and lock faces in videos and images. Compared with the traditional embedded scheme, the neural network technology scheme of xilient reduces the power consumption by 250 times (only 280 micro joules), and each detection operation takes only 12 Ms. it supports the real-time operation of the network, and the speed is higher than the most efficient edge computing face detection scheme in the current market.

Most home improvement cameras, industrial intelligent security cameras and face recognition terminals in the retail industry use battery power. Similar AI systems put forward strict requirements on power consumption to ensure that the battery supports the longest working time after charging. In addition to supporting stand-alone operation, Maxim integrated microcontroller and xilient’s neural network technology can greatly improve the power efficiency of the overall system and prolong the battery life in the edge computing / cloud computing hybrid system; Such applications use a low-power “listening” mode to wake up more complex system operations when face targets are detected.

Detector of xialient ™ The neural network scheme includes focusing, scaling and visual wake-up technology. When detecting and locking the face in video and image, the speed is 76 times higher than the traditional software scheme, and has the same or even higher detection accuracy. In addition, its flexible networking function can be extended to applications other than face recognition, such as livestock stock and monitoring, parking space occupation, inventory level monitoring, etc.

Main advantages

·Maximum battery life / maximum energy efficiency: xilient’s neural network technology greatly optimizes computing efficiency, while Maxim integrated’s ultra-low power max78000 microcontroller provides a more flexible low-power sleep mode. The combination of the two enables the working time of the edge computing / cloud computing platform powered by button battery to be extended for several years.

·Fast operation improves detection accuracy: speed is a key index of AI. With faster reasoning operation, it can respond to system requests in real time; It can also synthesize multiple fast reasoning operations to improve the recognition accuracy. Face detection in an image can be completed in just 12 ms, which provides flexibility for users to balance between response time and detection accuracy.


·”In combination with the detector neural network technology of xilient, the max78000 can classify and lock. In addition to observing the face targets in the image or video, you can also lock the position of these targets in the image.” Robert muchsel, researcher of Maxim integrated and architect of max78000 microcontroller, said: “Advanced applications include counting, detection or obstacle detection of people, vehicles and targets, as well as path mapping, passenger flow heat map, etc.”

·”Artificial intelligence may become the second largest carbon emission industry,” said Dr. shivy yohanandan, inventor of xilient detectum neural network technology and xilient CTO. “The edge computing camera composed of Maxim integrated max78000 and xilient neural network technology replaces 14 old Internet Protocols (IP) based on traditional cloud computing AI According to the camera, the reduced carbon emission is equivalent to the carbon emission of a fuel powered vehicle driving on the road. “

Supply and price

·The price of max78000 is $8.50 (from 1000 tablets, FOB USA), which can be purchased through Maxim integrated’s official website and franchised dealers.

·Max78000 evkit # Evaluation Kit is available for us $168.

·For detectum neural network, series models, tools, services, as well as focusing, zooming and visual wake-up word technology, please consult xialient directly.

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