Mavenir is a network software provider focused on building future-proof networks with cloud-native software that can run on any cloud and change the way the world connects. The company announced today that it has successfully completed dynamic network slicing and implementation, bringing innovative solutions to the industry’s greatest challenges. This work is part of the recently concluded Telecommunications Management Forum (TM Forum) 2021 ‘Ecosoft eHealth’ catalyst programme.

The Catalyst program will enable the delivery of services to healthcare facilities globally through 5G slicing and address artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and virtual intelligent advisory agents (VICA) in use cases such as surgery and remote patient care ). To achieve these goals, 5G networks with low latency and high performance are critical in surgery and remote patient care.

The “Ecosoft eHealth” catalyst project was demonstrated in partnership with operators such as Orange, TIM, NTT, and focuses on introducing dynamic network slicing and advanced service assurance capabilities in the medical and healthcare sectors. The project will continue to leverage advanced integration and advanced intelligence at different layers of the network to enhance future use cases.

Bejoy Pankajakshan, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Mavenir, said: “Project Catalyst provides an innovative platform through industry collaboration. This participation demonstrates that 5G capabilities are applicable to healthcare. Global network resources are not only needed to dynamically secure remote critical real-time communications, they are also Its Service Level Agreement (SLA) is also continuously monitored through Mavenir’s TMF compliant solution to enable application service providers to adjust delivery channels and meet their SLAs in the event of any disruption.”

George Glass, Chief Technology Officer, Telecommunications Management Forum, said: “The project takes an intent-based approach to telehealth use cases, prioritizing and securing mission-critical traffic. Project goals include operational automation and dynamic scalability of network resources across carriers, among others. .The Catalyst program also addresses service ordering, provisioning, assurance, billing and quality of experience (QoE).”

Mavenir is a member of the Telecommunications Management Forum and its Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Bejoy Pankajakshan, also sits on the Open Digital Framework Advisory Board. As the industry’s only provider of end-to-end, cloud-native network software, Mavenir also offers a full suite of cloud-native BSS and OSS solutions that are critical to achieving project goals through integration based on TMF’s standardized APIs.

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