For new energy vehicles, the most discussed is the anxiety of endurance and charging. How to make up for these two shortcomings is also a common challenge faced by many vehicle enterprises and battery enterprises.

On January 15, GAC e’an officially released a new power battery technology notice. The graphene based super fast charging battery can charge 80% in 8 minutes, making charging as convenient as refueling. At the same time, the silicon negative battery enables the electric vehicle NEDC to continue to sail for 1000 kilometers.

Mass production of domestic revolutionary graphene battery

The battery, which has passed the most stringent safety test in history, will be ready for mass production, officials said.

It is understood that GAC’s graphene technology first appeared on GAC’s technology day last year. It can charge 80% of the electricity in 8 minutes, realize 10 minutes of charging and 200-300 km of driving range. The charging speed is comparable to refueling.

Graphene materials are mainly used in fast charging lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, lithium sulfur batteries and lightweight body materials. But the cost is too high, which has become a barrier to realize mass production application.

However, GAC’s 3DG preparation method is simple, stable and efficient. The three-dimensional hierarchical structure graphene can effectively overcome the cost defects, and the production cost can reach 1 / 10 of the conventional preparation method.

At present, GAC has owned the 3DG graphene preparation technology, has independent intellectual property rights, and has formed a preliminary process package and engineering capacity, and has made a breakthrough in the downstream application field.

It is worth noting that in September last year, GAC group’s graphene high tech industrialization company was established, which means GAC new energy will accelerate the mass production of graphene super fast charging batteries.

In the future, the graphene super fast charging battery will be carried in mass production on EA series vehicles.

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