Octeon 10 series integrates anmou neoverse N2 core to set industry benchmark for performance and low power consumption

Santa Clara, California (July 6, 2021) – Marvell (NASDAQ: mrvl) today launched the new octeon ® 10 data processor, which can accelerate the processing of multiple security, network and storage workloads in highly demanding application environments such as 5g, cloud, operators and enterprise centers. The increasing workload is transferred to the cloud, the security requirements become more complex, and the edge devices are increasing, which accelerates the demand for data centric computing power. By combining computing power with the best hardware accelerator in its class, Marvell octeon 10 data processor shows a significant total cost of ownership advantage and has a number of industry first reputations. Compared with previous generations of octeon, the new scheme provides three times the performance and reduces the power consumption by 50%. It is the first integrated anmou designed in the 5-nm process ® Neoverse ™ N2 kernel solution, the first inline artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI / ml) hardware acceleration solution, the first integrated 1TB switch and the first integrated vector packet processing (VPP) hardware accelerator solution.

“We congratulate Marvell on launching the industry-leading octeon 10 data processor family. Samsung works closely with industry leaders such as Marvell and has been providing a variety of powerful 5g solutions to meet the needs of different mobile operators, “said sung won Lee, vice president of Samsung’s electronic network business“ We will continue to develop and promote mobile technology with Samsung ecosystem partners to promote the next stage of 5g and improve the mobile experience. “

“Marvell octeon 10 data processor provides enhanced packet processing capabilities for parsing, classifying and inline IPSec,” said Daniel Newman, founding partner of future research. “Marvell octeon 10 data processor is exciting because it integrates innovative hardware accelerators to meet the needs of inline machine learning, vector packet processing and 1TB switches.”

“Nowadays, processing a large amount of data generated from the cloud to edge devices requires a lot of computing power,” said Chris Bergey, senior vice president of anmou and general manager of infrastructure business line. “The combination of cutting-edge 5nm technology, neoverse N2 kernel and octeon 10 will enable Marvell to bear complex workloads and demonstrate its computing power advantages of data processors.”

Unlike other data processor solutions limited to data center use cases, Marvell octeon 10 is scalable and can serve the most demanding ultra large-scale cloud workloads, operators and enterprise data centers, 5g wireless transmission, sd-wan, and even fanless network edge boxes. In order to provide the best in class power and performance in these applications, each octeon 10 device includes the best combination of computing power, hardware acceleration, data path bandwidth and industry-leading I / O ports (including PCIe 5.0 and ddr5).

Octeon 10 series software development kit is an open platform using anmou ecosystem. The software development kit includes networking, security and storage stacks, comprehensive dpdk and VPP extensions, and virtualization and container support.


Octeon 10 will be available in the second half of 2021 and will be updated soon thereafter.

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