The industry’s first PCI 5.0 SSD controller provides architecture flexibility, security and data protection for the optimal cloud infrastructure

Santa Clara, California (2021 / 06 / 10) – Marvell (NASDAQ: mrvl) today announced the launch of its new bravera ™ SC5 controller series brings unprecedented performance, first-class efficiency and leading security functions to cope with the expanding workload of cloud computing. Cloud data computing center needs to process a large amount of data, which improves the demand for faster and higher bandwidth storage in this kind of environment. Marvell bravera SC5 SSD controller meets the key requirements of scalable containerized cloud storage infrastructure. By implementing the highest performance flash solution, Marvell controller will become the data center infrastructure, providing ultra-low latency real-time applications and cost optimized cloud scale capacity.

Marvell bravera SC5 is the industry’s first solid-state drive controller to support pcie5.0 and nvme 1.4b, which has doubled the performance of pcie4.0 solid-state drive controller. This helps speed up the workload and reduce latency, greatly improving the user experience. In order to meet the stringent security requirements of cloud service provider 5 and ensure the security protection of user data, this kind of controller provides root of trust (ROT), AES 256 bit encryption and multi key revocation functions in accordance with the federal information processing standard (FIPS). These new controllers are the first ones with hardware based flexible service level agreement (SLA) actuators, which can ensure the quality of service (QoS) and provide measurement capability for individual customers, so as to improve the overall storage efficiency and utilization, and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Bravera SC5 SSD controller has taken the lead in introducing innovative data center capabilities to the market, enhancing Marvell Flash’s technology leadership,” said thad Omura, vice president of marketing for Marvell flash business“ We are working with the entire ecosystem to enable SSD vendors and self-service cloud service providers to deploy state-of-the-art flash solutions. “

Next generation cloud data center server architecture will continue to expand different standard sizes, NAND types and performance standards, covering a variety of physical standard sizes, temperature and signal integrity requirements. With the increasing workload, Marvell’s latest SSD controller family provides a high degree of customization to meet the various storage options required by cloud computing. The new controller implements the world’s first edsff E1. S standard size storage device, supports up to 16 NAND channels, and provides unlimited performance. In addition, bravera SC5 series meets the specification of nvme solid state drive of open computing project (OCP), providing a standardized path for integration and testing.

In the process of developing bravera’s SSD controller product line, Marvell works closely with leading ultra large scale cloud providers such as Microsoft azure to ensure overall solution compatibility and data center SSD standardization in the open hardware field.

“We would like to congratulate Marvell on its first launch of the new bravera SC5 SSD controller,” said Pablo ziperovich, general manager of Microsoft azure memory and storage center of excellence. “Marvell’s latest SSD controller achieves open computing project compliance, power efficiency, performance and functionality, which is crucial to the ultimate requirements of Microsoft azure.”

“Data centers face many technical challenges. These include the need for PCI 5.0 to achieve performance tuning, E1. S to achieve density and maintainability, and nvme SSD to support product features in open computing project data center. Marvell’s bravera SC5 SSD controller family supports the next generation of ultra large SSD technology. ” Ross stenfort, hardware system architect for Facebook’s storage division, said.

Marvell’s new solid-state drive controller family uses the company’s advanced and mature system on chip (SOC) architecture to achieve a throughput of up to 14GB / s and 2 million random reads per second. By providing customers with the ability to reuse the same firmware stack throughout the product offering, Marvell SSD controller enables customers to achieve a variety of product design (SKU) requirements with rapid launch. In addition, bravera SC5 SSD controller is the industry’s first flash controller that supports a variety of use modes such as SEF (software enabled flash memory), ZnS (partition namespace), open channel and so on, without changing the hardware. When upgrading to the next generation product design, the same hardware architecture can be reused seamlessly to ensure the design flexibility of SSD system.

“Software enabled flash (SEF) belongs to the architecture of open source software defined API, which redefines the cloud usage of SSD. With Marvell’s launch of the new bravera SC5 SSD controller product, we are pleased to be able to develop a product ecosystem that supports software enabled flash memory, “said Eric ries, senior vice president of memory and storage strategy at armored (USA)“ These products enable solutions to meet the growing demands of critical cloud workloads. “

The new controller uses Marvell’s 5th generation nandedge ™ Low density parity check (LDPC) error correction technology supports the latest 3D NAND QLC, TLC and SLC technologies of various manufacturers in the market, prolongs the service life of SSD and achieves first-class power performance ratio.

Broad Ecosystem:“AMD EPYC ™ Processors are powering some of the most computing intensive workloads in cloud computing, among which the leading central processing unit (CPU) performance, security and upgradability are crucial, “said Raghu Nambiar, vice president of ecosystem and application engineering at amd data center, “We believe that supporting ecosystem development and working with key partners like Marvell can help achieve the latest industry standards for modern data centers. We congratulate Marvell on the launch of the bravera SC5 SSD controller and are pleased to continue working with Marvell. “

“Ecosystems that unite around open industry standards generate innovation and momentum, and Marvell’s new bravera SC5 SSD controller is a good example,” says Jim Pappas, director of Intel technology projects“ Pcie5.0 and the high-performance products designed for it will help release the full potential of the next generation sapphire rapids Intel Xeon upgradeable processor in various applications. “

“Marvell and kioxia have established a good relationship and have been successful in everything from customers to data center applications,” said Atsushi Inoue, senior director of memory division at Kaixia“ We believe that Marvell bravera SC5’s ultra low latency solid state drive controller can match our BICS flash ™ Together, we will explore new opportunities for each other’s customers in the expanding cloud storage market. “

“Renesas has cooperated with Marvell to develop the world’s first reference design scheme for PCI 5.0 SSD,” said Andrew Cowell, vice president of Renesas mobile / Infrastructure / Internet of things power supply division“ Our intelligent power management products are highly efficient in highly integrated small area printed circuit board (PCB) solutions, meeting the low profile requirements of the new generation of solid state drive shape factors. Marvell’s bravera SC5 SSD controller and Renesas’s power management IC have been optimized to meet the demanding requirements of modern cloud computing data centers. ““ We are pleased to be able to implement the next generation SK Hynix NAND device with Marvell’s new bravera SC5 SSD controller, and congratulate Marvell on bringing the first PCI 5.0 SSD controller to market, “said Jin Lim, vice president of SK Hynix“ Marvell’s latest SSD controller family has been optimized to meet the key power and performance requirements of cloud computing data centers, and to accelerate time to market. “

“Marvell’s new bravera SC5 series SSD controller is a milestone in enabling the next generation of cloud storage infrastructure.” Gong Yi, senior vice president of Changjiang storage market and sales, said“ Changjiang storage is honored to be a member of this ecosystem. With the help of the new NAND flash memory, it will jointly bring more flexible solutions to the emerging cloud storage requirements and improve the efficiency of the data center. “

Supply situation

The new Marvell chipset is now offering samples to specific customers. For more information about the new cloud computing and data center SSD controller, see the bravera SC5 SSD controller family product page. Other resources can be found on the bravera SC5 media suite page.

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