Nowadays, with the comprehensive upgrading of optical fiber network, from PON access network to long-distance backbone network using ultra-low loss optical fiber and Raman amplifier, and then to the interconnection of 400g high-speed router in data center, optical fiber connector plays an increasingly important role.

According to the latest survey report of market research company research and markets, the global optical fiber connector market will grow at an average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 9.65% from 2016 to 2020. This growth can be attributed to higher bandwidth applications, which require the use of optical fiber cables and connectors to ensure bandwidth security and high speed. Obviously, telecommunications and data applications, such as cloud, audio, video, television and online games, are the great driving force of the optical fiber market.

Industrial applications in aerospace and national defense have opened up a larger market for optical fiber connectors. Optical fiber connectors are selected in this field because of their high speed and large bandwidth, as well as their good resistance to external interference. It can be seen from the products recently released by major connector manufacturers that enterprises such as te Tyco, MOLEX and Jae have begun to pay attention to this field at 2016 Munich Shanghai Electronics China.

Market opportunities and challenges of optical fiber connectors in the era of high speed optical network

The application of optical fiber connectors in security systems is expected to achieve a CAGR of 12.4% from 2015 to 2020, which is expected to provide potential growth opportunities for participants in this market. Optical fiber connectors can be quickly adopted by enterprises because they enhance the network structure and improve the operation efficiency. Fiber optic connectors provide greater bandwidth, higher reliability and agility, and improve security. The growth of submarine optical fiber connector will be the main trend of market growth.

Due to the growth of offshore oil exploration and production, the industry is constantly exploring new methods to improve operation efficiency and reservoir recovery. Therefore, optical cable is a better choice. Because optical cables can transmit higher data rates over longer distances than copper cables.

As an exhibitor of Shanghai Electronics Exhibition in Munich, te Tyco Electronics is a leading global supplier of submarine communication technology and ship services. To date, te has deployed more than 100 cable systems and a sufficient number of submarine communication cables around the earth’s equator. As a fully integrated supplier, te designs and manufactures all key subsystems of submarine communication links and can help customers in every aspect of deploying and maintaining these important networks.

In 2020, with the continuous growth of seabed industry, more data will be generated, so as to improve the requirements of bandwidth and long-distance optical cable transmission. Among many market growth factors, the most prominent one will be the increase in the number of global data centers.

Due to technological progress, the number of global data centers will continue to increase. Cloud computing also provides an effective way for global data access. At the same time, the use of small devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart wearable devices is also increasing day by day. The data center will provide high-performance computing across multiple vertical industries, so as to promote technological innovation. However, higher initial investment has also become a major challenge facing the market. In view of planning and implementation, the installation of complete optical fiber system requires high investment.

In addition, for the selection of the system, the user must decide the equipment transmission format (analog or digital), the availability of digital transmission hardware, the need for multimode or single-mode optical fiber and the type of optical fiber connector.

Although the increasingly fierce competition has brought more affordable prices to the service, the price of optical fiber is still higher than that of copper cable. A key factor in accelerating the growth of optical fiber connectors is the increasing popularity of smart phones and other devices, creating a huge demand for high-speed data services. The increasing application of optical fiber into the house, home and building continuously improves the large bandwidth service, and helps the growth of the optical fiber connector market.

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