December 29, 2021 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focused on introducing new products and promoting industry innovation, is committed to continuously providing engineers with a variety of rich cutting-edge technical resources. This year, MAOZe released more e-books than ever before, and cooperated with many well-known manufacturers to launch various practical guides to provide design engineers with the information they need to solve new engineering challenges.

Here we have carefully selected MAOZe, Amphenol Corporation, Bourns and maxim integrated ® (now acquired by analog devices) several e-books recently launched by the cooperation:

·Enabling the industrial IOT revolution, published in collaboration with Amphenol

In enabling the industrial IOT revolution, industry experts from tradeze and Amphenol put forward detailed views on a number of topics related to the industrial IOT, including industrial data center, HVAC system, indoor air quality system, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent automation, architecture and mining.

·How to choose the right surge protection technology, published in collaboration with Bourns

The increasing complexity of electronic design leads to the increasing density of PCB. These higher density circuit board layouts are more vulnerable to damage in transients such as lightning and voltage surge. Bourns jointly launched the e-book “how to choose the right surge protection technology” launched by MAOZe to gradually guide engineers on how to select the correct surge protection technology for specific applications.

·7 experts on Lidar Design, published in cooperation with maxim (now acquired by analog devices)

The 7 experts on Lidar Design e-book explains in detail how to create lighter and smaller devices while meeting the application performance requirements for design engineers. The e-book provides designers with the solutions required for lidar innovation, as well as product information such as max40025 and max40026 single channel comparators and max40027 dual channel comparators.

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