February 9, 2022 – mouser electronics, a global authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components focusing on the introduction of new products, will stock the innovative product series innoswitch of power integration from now on ™ 3-PD IC。 This series of products provide engineers with highly integrated solutions for USB type-C, USB power supply (PD) and USB programmable power supply (PPS) adapters suitable for laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

The power integrations innoswitch3-pd IC distributed by maize integrates the functions of primary switch and controller, isolation feedback, secondary control and usb-pd controller into a compact package at the same time. Powigan with power integrations ™ Patented technology can integrate the real-time telemetry power status and fault monitoring function of the IC with power integrations fluxlink ™ The combination of high-speed communication and feedback link realizes fast and accurate secondary side adjustment.

Innoswitch3-pd IC has the characteristics of low calorific value and does not need to be matched with bulky radiator, so it can reduce the number of components. At the same time, they also have comprehensive protection functions, including voltage monitoring, accurate voltage ramp up / drop protection and independently configurable output overvoltage and undervoltage fault monitoring.

In addition, MAOZe also distributes the power integrations rdk-838 reference design kit supporting innoswitch3-pd IC. The kit uses on-board innoswitch3-pd IC to realize 60W USB PD 3.0 power supply with 3.3V to 21V PPS output.

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