January 6, 2022 – mouser electronics, an electronic component distributor focusing on introducing new products and providing a large inventory, will sell Laird antenna’s trigger series down mounted antenna from now on. These innovative five port vpj and four port vqj trigger devices are multi port / multi band telecommunication antennas with IP67 protection level. They can provide excellent 3G / 4G / 5G / ism / CBR, Wi Fi and GNSS functions for automotive and Internet of things (IOT) applications. They are suitable for transportation, public safety, fleet operation, asset tracking, in vehicle and workshop communication.

Laird antennas vxj trigger antenna supplied by maize adopts unique L-shaped structure and biaxial conductive VHb tape, which can be installed quickly and safely in inconvenient locations. The antenna can be installed covertly on the side or above heavy non-metallic objects such as ventilation ducts without drilling. This allows them to be installed closer to the vehicle router or gateway, usually in the instrument cluster, under the seat or in the trunk.

Each trigger antenna is equipped with vertical and horizontal v-pol / h-pol cellular radiation elements at the same time, which expands the signal coverage, and provides more significant signal performance improvement and more consistent connection and data throughput than traditional antennas. With excellent performance and excellent coverage around vehicles, trigger series antennas can be used not only in urban environments with dense vehicles, but also in remote areas where the signal may be weak or blocked.

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