October 27, 2021 – mouser electronics, a global authorized distributor of electronic components focusing on introducing new products, and STMicroelectronics (st), a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer serving various electronic application customers, jointly launched a new content website to introduce the products, knowledge and strategies required for intelligent industrial design. Designers and engineers can access this website through the following links: https://st.mouser.com/industry-4-0 。

STMicroelectronics is a well-known supplier of industrial 4.0 design solutions, providing connectivity and sensor solutions for the new generation of intelligent design. The new industry 4.0 content website has more than 20 contents, covering articles, e-books, product descriptions and other types, providing support for the innovative design of industrial solutions.

The website also publishes industrial sensing solutions, a newly launched e-book by MAOZe and St, which discusses various types of smart sensors and the technical challenges that may be encountered when using them in design. Each article and e-book contain information about STMicroelectronics products, so that engineers can quickly understand and understand the technologies required for industrial 4.0 applications.

MAOZe provides a wealth of St solutions, including a variety of sensors and development kits for prototype development of intelligent industrial applications. Among them, steval-mksbox1v1 sensortile.box is a development kit that can be used for wireless Internet of things (IOT) and wearable sensor platform at any time, which can help engineers use and develop applications based on remote motion and environmental sensor data without relevant highly professional knowledge. The steval-bfa001v2b industrial reference design suite enables engineers to easily build condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for industrial applications. This easy-to-use kit includes a professional industrial sensor board and a programming and debugging tool.

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