October 13, 2021 – electronic component distributor mouser electronics, which focuses on introducing new products and providing massive inventory, and MOLEX, a world-renowned innovative supplier of electronic and connectivity solutions, jointly launched a new content website dedicated to introducing the new generation antenna and its applications in 5g, Internet of things (IOT), wireless connectivity and automotive design. Designers and engineers can access this website through the following links: https://molex.mouser.com/antennas 。

When engineers are committed to designing future IOT devices, antennas play a vital role in providing the required connections. This new antenna content website launched by maize and Molex provides a series of valuable resources, which combine the technical insights, emerging strategies and products needed to create new connectivity and IOT solutions. The content website has more than 15 contents, covering technical articles, podcasts, e-books, videos and other types, involving RF application planning, 5g network design, industrial Internet of things power supply and other topics. In 3 considerations for designing IOT devices of the future, Stephen Drinan, director of Molex micro connectivity, put forward his own opinions on predicting and meeting the changing needs of networked devices and other applications.

MAOZe provides a comprehensive range of Molex products, including antennas, RF wireless devices and a variety of other connection tools. Molex multi hub 5-in-1 antenna integrates two 5g antennas, two Wi Fi antennas and one GPS antenna, which meets the protection grade of IP67. It is an ideal choice for commercial vehicles and telecommunications applications. Molex GNSS antenna provides active patch antenna and flexible antenna with rated power of 2W and input impedance of 50 Ω. It is very suitable for various industrial and vehicle applications, including UAV, navigation equipment, emergency response system and maritime port technology system.

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