October 11, 2021 – mouser electronics, a global authorized distributor of electronic components focusing on introducing new products, announced that it and Amphenol Corporation jointly launched a new e-book “enabling the industrial IOT revolution”, focusing on many applications of the industrial Internet of things (iiot) and the technical challenges faced in developing iiot solutions. In this book, industry experts from MAOZe and Amphenol provide detailed and in-depth insights on relevant topics, including industrial data center, HVAC system, indoor air quality system, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent automation, construction and mining.

The new book jointly launched by Mao Ze and Amphenol contains six in-depth good articles to explore some attractive challenges faced by iiot design. This book contains rich technical resources. The high-value information map highlights the interconnection solutions of Amphenol RF company for intelligent buildings and mining, and shows IP waterproof and durable RF connectors and other products, which can provide wireless connection in extremely harsh environments. In addition, Amphenol industrial has excellent power solutions such as radsok ® The power to board connector can provide a variety of options for single point connection with high current (up to 200a). The compact size of the connector improves the heat dissipation capacity of the pin and socket interface, thereby reducing temperature rise and potential faults.

This ebook also introduces other Amphenol iiot solutions, such as Amphenol ICC minitek microspace ™ Crimp pair connector system. It is a vibration resistant product known for its high locking strength and supports a wide range of industrial applications, such as robots, automatic guided vehicles, navigation systems and industrial cameras, as well as factory lighting and HVAC. The PCB antenna of Amphenol MCP has omnidirectional radiation mode in the frequency band range of 410mhz to 5.85ghz, making it an ideal choice for iiot applications such as machine to machine communication, intelligent lighting and intelligent instruments.

For any iiot system design, the most important thing is the sensor. The Amphenol I2S climate control pressure transmitter (CCT) sensor is specifically designed to measure the pressure of a variety of fluids, including refrigerants, process fluids and circulating hydraulic systems. This sealed sensor encapsulates high-quality stainless steel measuring elements in a solid aluminum housing and provides reliable long-term performance for many industrial and HVAC and refrigeration (HVACR) applications.

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