March 18, 2022 – a well-known new product introduction (NPI) distributor focused on promoting industry innovation ™ Mouser Electronics announced to launch a new e-book “improving lives with digital healthcare” with Molex to explore innovative solutions and applications in the cross field of connection and medical device design. In this book, industry experts from Molex and MAOZe discussed a new generation of digital medical solutions through many in-depth good articles, including robotic surgery, medical wearable devices, brain computer interfaces, and medical training using immersive technology.

Today’s medical devices bring together a variety of sensors, connectivity solutions and cable components, making great progress in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment. This new digital medical e-book of MAOZe and Molex provides engineers with rich resources to simplify the design of new medical devices. Among these resources, one article introduces the emerging connection schemes for robotic surgery and the use of optical fiber technology to support laser therapy. The book also discusses the application of brain computer interface in the growing stage. This technology is expected to realize “superhuman cognition” with the help of artificial intelligence and sensor center in the future.

This e-book also provides information about 15 Molex products, which is convenient for readers to quickly understand the tools needed for the new generation of medical applications. Among them, MOLEX ism independent antenna adopts compact design, which reduces the volume by 75% compared with the traditional design, and can work in 868mhz and 915MHz frequency bands. It can be easily integrated into telemedicine equipment, microwave ablation machine, diathermy treatment equipment and other products. The 0.25mm pitch Premo flex patch cord also adopts a compact design, which can provide a highly flexible and durable solution for PCB connection in patient monitoring, telemedicine and surgical equipment. Its maximum current is 0.2A, which is very suitable for compact packaging applications.

MAOZe is committed to providing more and more choices of Molex products, with more than 30000 Molex components in inventory.

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