September 30, 2021 – electronic component distributor mouser electronics, which focuses on introducing new products and providing large inventory, launched a new solution page specifically for single pair Ethernet (SPE) technology together with Texas Instruments (TI) and phoenix contact.

With the development of industry 4.0 and industrial Internet of things (iiot), Ethernet has become an indisputable network architecture for factory workshops and servers. It is the main means of connecting automation systems with networks. SPE, an advanced technology, extends Ethernet through a standardized connection interface and provides high-performance data and power transmission to field level sensor and actuator equipment through single line pairs. The newly launched SPE solution page provides a variety of attractive videos, blog posts and an on-demand webinar, supplemented by information on key products of Ti and phoenix contact.

Ti dp83td510e Ethernet IC has extremely low power consumption, and the cable coverage can reach 2000m in 1.0 VPP and 2.4 VPP modes. The transceiver conforming to IEEE 802.3cg 10base-t1l standard can realize higher bandwidth communication without additional protocol, gateway and cable, so that designers can expand the scope of industrial communication and automation applications without increasing wiring cost or system weight.

As an alternative to the classic serial bus system, Phoenix Contact SPE connector provides efficient and consistent data transmission for factory and process automation. SPE connectors comply with IEC 63171-2 and – 5 standards and are suitable for applications such as construction and industrial automation, robotics, railway industry and lighting.

Phoenix contact is a founding member of the single pair Ethernet systems alliance. This alliance of several well-known technology companies aims to promote the application of SPE technology in industry and establish unified standards.

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