November 25, 2020 – mouser electronics, a distributor of electronic components that focuses on introducing new products and providing a large inventory, announced that it has launched a new e-book in cooperation with Bourns to give you an in-depth understanding of the classic cases of power conversion components. In the book “improving enhanced performance and reliability”, Bourns and Mao Ze provide a series of technical articles to help readers choose the right components for specific power applications, including a variety of components related to high voltage energy storage.

With the increasing importance and popularity of electric vehicles, renewable energy and advanced communication network technologies, the development of energy storage and power conversion is increasingly inseparable from reliable components. “Achieving enhanced performance and reliability” jointly launched by tradezard and Bourns explores a number of topics, including rechargeable batteries, battery management system (BMS) in high voltage energy storage systems, and reducing winding losses in ferrite inductors.

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