What’s the sign of a hot track? The giants have come to an end.

After the epidemic gradually faded and the downstream display application market gradually recovered, Samsung, apple, LG and other consumer electronics giants were handed down to attack the miniled market.

The person in charge of the sales of a large domestic miniled packaging factory told Gaogong new display that recently it has received a number of verification demand orders for mini related products, including some leading consumer electronics enterprises at home and abroad.

Samsung Electronics is preparing to launch its first mini LED TV, which is expected to be officially launched in the first half of 2021, South Korean media reported.

In addition, according to South Korea’s etnews report, LG will supply Apple’s new iPad pro with mini LED panels, which will be released in the first quarter of next year. LG will start mass production of miniled panels by the end of this year.

In less than a year, miniled’s track has undergone a dramatic reversal. Since then, it has not been widely valued under the pressure of cost and so on, but now it has become the “fragrant cake” for the giants. As a result, many people in the LED industry feel that it seems that in a very short period of time, the problems faced by miniled have disappeared, leaving only a broad market space.

Many leading enterprises begin to attack the mini LED market

In this vast market, domestic manufacturers, mainly LED industry chain enterprises, have occupied the C position early, and widely distributed, competing to expand production.

“The miniled of the company can provide customers with corresponding solutions from chip to package, as well as ODM of TV set. It also has a forward-looking layout in terms of technology, quality and production capacity. “When receiving the research of institutional investors, zhaochi said that in the future, the miniled market will also drive the company’s profit growth.

According to hi tech’s new display, in the face of the broad market prospect of miniled, zhaochi Guangyuan, a subsidiary of zhaochi Co., Ltd., has launched products with different technical routes for mini direct display and mini backlight. At present, mini direct display adopts one in one and multi in one technical routes, and its shipment volume ranks among the top in the industry. Mini backlight adopts NCSP and cob technical routes to supply products to first-line manufacturers.

Dongshan precision also has a mini direct display and a mini backlight, both of which have been delivered in mass production. As we are more optimistic about the development prospect of mini backlight, mini backlight is the development focus of Dongshan precision LED device sector at the present stage. It has planned a production capacity of 2000kk / month, and the technical route includes minismd and minicob.

Guoxing optoelectronics has started to implement the project of 1 billion yuan to expand the production of new generation led packaging devices and epitaxial chips in 2019. In August this year, Guoxing optoelectronics announced that it will invest no more than 1.9 billion yuan in the construction of Guoxing optoelectronics Geely Industrial Park in the next five years, focusing on the production of RGB small spacing, miniled, TOPLED and other products.

Another big RGB packaging company, crystal platform Co., Ltd. released the mini direct display solution “hummingbird Max” as early as 2018. At present, the point spacing has covered p1.56, p0.9, p0.62, etc. During ledcina2020, crystal stage Co., Ltd. innovates and upgrades “hummingbird Max”, adopts new inversion process and surface treatment process, solves the problems of pixel light mixing and crosstalk of four in one technology, and greatly improves the color consistency.

As the key of display miniaturization, mini chip is also the focus of domestic chip leading enterprises.

“Mini / microled is a very important emerging market for the whole industry. Huacan’s fixed increase and fund-raising is to invest in such a growth market.” Dr. Zhou Jianhui, President of Huacan optoelectronics, said in an exclusive interview with hi tech new display.

As a matter of fact, Huacan optoelectronics has been in this market for a long time. As one of the first LED manufacturers to enter the field of miniled, Huacan optoelectronics is also one of the few enterprises in the market that master small-size flip chip technology and display chip technology.

With years of technology research and development and customer accumulation, Huacan optoelectronics has participated in the early development of downstream terminal customers one step ahead of time, and solved the problems of technology and market development with customers, so as to enhance the entry barriers in this field.

According to previous media reports, the world’s first 55 inch rollable ammini45led display and lg163 inch microled TV of Qun Chuang optoelectronics adopt Huacan optoelectronics’s minirgbled chip scheme.

Zhaoyuan optoelectronics, as the total name sponsor of 2020 high tech led annual meeting, has foreseen the broad prospects of mini / microled as early as 2017, and has made technical reserves.

To this end, Zhaoyuan optoelectronics has established the “micro spacing LED engineering research center” and cooperated with Fuzhou University to build the miniled application joint laboratory to develop related technologies.

According to Wu Yongsheng, general manager of Zhaoyuan optoelectronics, at present, Zhaoyuan optoelectronics is actively promoting with its partners in the field of miniled, and has achieved remarkable results.

Sanan optoelectronic Mini / microled chip industrialization project is also expected to be put into production in March next year.

TCL, Konka, Skyworth, Hisense and other leading domestic consumer electronics enterprises have also invested in the layout of miniled field, and achieved certain results.

In this battle for mini, domestic enterprises have occupied the first mover advantage with a complete LED industry chain. With the end of the international giants, the battle for a broad market in the future will continue.

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