RFID is a kind of non-contact automatic identification technology, which can automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant data through radio frequency signal. The identification work does not need manual intervention, and can be applied in harsh environment. The bus automatic stop announcer system based on RFID is composed of voice module, infrared module, temperature and humidity module, MCU and RFID module. Firstly, the location information of the bus can be collected and confirmed, and the temperature and humidity inside the bus and the number of passengers inside the bus can be measured, so as to realize the intelligent station reporting automation, which not only reduces the work intensity of the driver, but also improves the safety of the vehicle operation. RFID bus automatic stop announcer management realizes paperless bus dispatch.

RFID technology is used to provide information collection function for urban bus dispatching system. Realize the automatic, accurate, long-distance, non-stop collection of bus in and out of the bus station (terminus), realize the paperless bus dispatching, so that the bus dispatching system can accurately grasp the real-time dynamic information of bus in and out of the bus parking lot, and timely transmit the driving information to the control center of the bus station by means of wireless data transmission, so as to timely master the bus dispatching information In addition, some important data can be connected with each settlement center through the station dispatching center to exchange data.

Management system of automatic bus stop announcer based on RFID

In the current unmanned ticketing car system, the bus stop reporting requires the driver to manually control the stop reporting button, which often leads to false report, missing report or even no report at all, which brings great inconvenience to passengers. Manual station reporting has low intelligence and complex buttons, which not only requires drivers to operate the station reporting device skillfully, but also brings potential risks to the safety of public cars. In order to solve this problem, the design scheme of bus stop reporting system is proposed by combining MCU, voice chip and RFID module. The function of automatic bus stop announcer is designed and implemented, that is, according to the RFID identification results, the voice chip is controlled by the single chip microcomputer to announce the bus stop according to the stored station name, and the functions of automatic bus stop announcer when the bus is in and out of the station, intelligent processing of vehicles getting on and off the bus midway, and sending air information inside the bus are realized, so as to truly realize the intelligent bus stop announcer.

The overall design is composed of voice module, MCU and RFID module. The system determines the location of the vehicle through RFID, and transmits the signal to the MCU through the wireless module, and then the voice module reports the station.

The RFID station identification module realizes the function of bus station RFID tag identification and obtaining relevant information. In each bus stop electronic tag registration, due to the uniqueness of RFID electronic tag, the system can accurately identify and report the station after identifying the station. Through the identification of the electronic tag code, the platform information is obtained and finally sent to the RFID station reporting module.

After receiving the information from the bus station, the RFID station reporting module compares whether the station is a station in the bus line, obtains the information of the relevant station from the system, and sends the signal to the voice broadcast system after confirmation, and the voice module plays the sound.

The intelligent bus station interaction system based on RFID includes vehicle end and platform end. The vehicle end is connected with the platform end wirelessly, and reads the train number information stored in the RFID of the arriving vehicle through the platform reader, and the vehicle reader reads the station name stored in the RFID electronic tag of the platform to obtain the platform information. Using RFID technology, through the installation of RFID reader in the electronic station board and RFID tag in the vehicle, when the bus passes through the station, the station actively identifies the RFID tag data of the bus and transmits it to the control center as the basic data of station reporting and other functions.

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