In recent years, police UAV has been rapidly popularized in public security organs. In order to realize the full coverage of UAV in the complex geographical environment of mountain, sea, forest and land in Weihai City, and truly build the fixed wing UAV into the air police platform in the modern police system. In view of the various drawbacks of the current UAV Communication and operation mode, the police aviation branch of the special patrol police branch of Weihai Public Security Bureau is large The team cooperated closely with zero degree Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd., and jointly created the “city wide UAV cruise mode” in accordance with the idea of “covering the whole area, remote control, full alarm application and normal operation”.

  Making use of fixed wing UAV and communication technology to build a city wide UAV cruise mode

Multi point relay global coverage

The city wide cruise mode overcomes the problem of UAV image and control signal relay transmission. By setting up roaming base stations at high points in different areas of the city, combining with the urban layout and topography, it builds a “cellular” communication relay network, automatically matches the best base station, and realizes the whole city coverage of UAV signal and stable cable transmission There is no dead angle for smooth flight in the environment of shape.

Remote control multipoint takeoff

The UAV can be deployed on the ground and controlled by the police from the ground. There is no need for police to carry UAVs to the scene, which greatly improves the response ability, the air holding time and the operation radius. Fixed wing UAV has been fully exploited for its strategic value of long range, wide coverage and long endurance. It is becoming an air fortress for emergency response, command and control, inspection and monitoring over the city.

Weihai police carried out high-altitude covert investigation in a number of cases, drew close to the ground details for effective evidence collection, automatic identification and tracking of personnel and targets, and provided all-round real-time information to commanders and ground police forces.

Through the cross relay of two UAVs, it can complete the “uninterrupted” air cruise mission, and effectively ensure the continuity and continuity of aerial investigation, monitoring and evidence collection. The system is also equipped with ADS-B module, which can receive real-time flight trend and threat degree information of various kinds of aircraft around, so as to ensure a more safe and reliable flight environment.

Video Fusion and all police sharing

Relying on the global LTE wireless private network system invested more than 76 million yuan by Weihai Public Security Bureau, the UAV video image can be stably transmitted with low delay in the private network, avoiding the risk of channel blocking in the public network transmission. The video image can be synchronously pushed to all levels of command centers, mobile command vehicles and police terminals at the grass-roots level, thus narrowing the distance between the air and the ground, between the command and the front line It reduces the threshold of UAV video image sharing and improves the ability of multi police air ground integrated combat.

Resource reuse service place

The establishment of the city wide cruise mode has brought the ability of large-scale, long-distance and normal flight operation. While meeting the practical application of police, Weihai Public Security Bureau has fully explored its application value. With the support of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, it has comprehensively assisted the fine urban management work such as urban planning, Sea Patrol, administrative law enforcement, forestry inspection, emergency rescue, etc.

Under the unified leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the administrative aviation application mode of “professional support of aviation team, collaborative linkage of multi departments, and three-dimensional synthetic operation” has been initially established, which provides new ideas, new means and new functions for promoting the key work of the city and the fine management of the city.

The establishment of the city wide cruise application mode breaks through the bottleneck of the practical application of fixed wing UAV in urban environment, and creates a new application mode of police UAV. Since the trial operation for more than half a year, more than 180 sorties and 260 hours of safe flight have been carried out. More than 40 police practical combat tasks, such as case investigation, emergency response and security of large-scale activities, have been completed. In cooperation with the relevant departments of the city, the city has completed “special inspection of pine wilt disease”, “special inspection of illegal mariculture in coastal waters” and “aviation inspection of dust pollution control” More than 20 urgent tasks have effectively promoted the innovation and upgrading of urban governance means, and enhanced the value and influence of police aviation work.

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