August 27, 2021 – mouser electronics, a global authorized distributor of electronic components focusing on the introduction of new products, will stock optotec of Laird thermal systems from now on ™ Otx / HTx thermoelectric cooler. This series of products adopt a new generation of thermoelectric materials. Compared with the conventional thermoelectric cooler, the cooling capacity is increased by 10%, and the temperature difference is larger and the efficiency is higher.

Laird thermal systems optotec Otx / HTx series distributed by MAOZe are micro thermoelectric coolers, which can achieve higher heat pump capacity and temperature stability in optoelectronic applications with limited space. This series of products can accurately control the temperature, and the cooling power is as high as 10W. When QC = 0 and the hot side temperature is 50 ° C, the maximum temperature difference of 82 ° C can be maintained. The maximum operating temperature of Otx thermoelectric cooler is 120 ° C; HTx adopts a more high-temperature resistant structure, with a maximum operating temperature of 150 ° C.

Optotec Otx / HTx series can withstand rigorous mechanical and environmental standard tests, and perform well in manufacturing process control. In both aspects, it exceeds the requirements of Telcordia gr-468 core certification, which can ensure high repeatability of work performance and long-term work. The minimum board area of these micro devices can reach 3.3mm × 4.9mm, specially designed to control the temperature of thermal photoelectric elements in optical transceiver, lidar, CMOS and infrared (IR) ranging sensor applications.

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