Touch screen human-machine interface as a whole in a short period of time showing a trend of rapid growth in sales, touch screen human-machine interface is no longer a simple display and control. At present, in the domestic automation industry, some industries that originally did not use human-computer interface also begin to use human-computer interface. The user interface of human-computer interface can better reflect the state of equipment and process for consumers or users, and bring more intuitive feelings to customers through visual and touch effects.

Touch screen display screen maintenance methods and skills;

Machine fault: power failure repair, the machine is also a DC 24 V power supply, first use a multimeter to measure the 2 megabits between the 24 V input power and the grounding resistance, there is no short circuit, then open the back shell of the machine, measure the power fuse, good. 24 V DC power supply to the machine, the power indicator light is on. Preliminarily judge whether the power supply circuit is normal. Using the flashlight, you can see the picture on the screen, indicating that the signal board has been working properly and outputting the signal.

The screen display chip was also initially judged to be normal. At this point, it’s a matter of light or high voltage. The high pressure plate was broken. This is a blackboard. There will be no change. Most of the high pressure plates are damaged, which is a drawback and can occur at the same time. For example, the main capacitor barrel is a 12V power supply department. The high-voltage board is powered by the power board, and the primary low-voltage power circuit of the high-voltage package is judged as normal. Secondly, it is necessary to distinguish high-voltage package or lamp from high-voltage package output lamp, which is the problem of high-voltage package.

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