1、 Daily inspection and maintenance

1. Wire feeding mechanism. Including whether the wire feeding force distance is normal, whether the wire feeding pipe is damaged, and whether there is an abnormal alarm.

2. Whether the gas flow is normal.

3. Whether the protection system of welding torch is normal( It is forbidden to turn off the welding torch protection

4. Is the water circulation system working normally

2、 Weekly inspection and maintenance

1. Scrub each axis of the robot.

2. Check the accuracy of TCP.

3. Check the residual oil level.

4. Check whether the zero position of each axis of the robot is accurate.

5. Clean the filter behind the welder water tank.

6. Clean the filter screen at the compressed air inlet.

7. Clean up the impurities at the nozzle of the welding gun to avoid blocking the water circulation.

8. Clean the wire feeding mechanism, including wire feeding wheel, wire pressing wheel and wire guide tube.

9. Check whether the hose bundle and guide wire hose are damaged or broken.

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