With the development of new energy, the field of new energy is becoming more and more popular. The fields of photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, lithium battery, automatic driving control and other fields will be one of the future outlets. The information shared this time isMotor Controller Application Layer Software (Model)Mainly used for motor controller software development (model), motor control algorithm learning, model MIL testing and learning-related software generation operations, etc., can be used for project development and personal learning guidance, etc., including: software model, software requirement table , policy document description, development document description, etc.

The main function information is as follows:

Motor controller application layer software (model) 2015b and above can be opened

Motor controller application layer software, strategy description.

Motor controller strategy development, application layer software, the latest version of the software on sale. Developed according to the ASPIC development process, based on the AUTOSAR architecture, to meet the functional safety ASIL C.

The included functional modules include but are not limited to:

current management module,

SVPWM control module,

current loop control module,

fault handling module,

Power-on and power-off function module,

input signal processing module,

Torque Control Module,

state management module,

Torque loop-speed loop control module.

They are all in use by mass-produced models, not simulations, not simulations!

Related information is as follows:

Document overview:

File Directory:

Details as follow:

File display:

2. File display:

3. File display:

4. File display:

5. File display:

6. Project file display

7. Project file interface

8. Project file display

9. Project file display

The market demand is large, the industry is still in the stage of vigorous development, and the salary is excellent. It is worthy of continuous in-depth research by the majority of developers and engineers who have changed careers. It is necessary to have a certain understanding and understanding of C language, C++, etc. Experience, difficulty, lifelong learning, high threshold, wide application, strong transferability, wide employment, high salary and so on.

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