The FPH is designed with German engineering and ergonomics for excellent performance and reasonable price. It features best-in-class RF performance and a DANL as low as –163dBm to capture weak signals. The portable SpectrumRiderFPH weighs only 2.5kg and has a battery life of over six hours. Affordable and can be measured anytime, anywhere.

Spectrum Rider is designed to be suitable for both indoor field and laboratory applications as well as outdoor environments. Large buttons and multifunction knobs allow users to operate even with gloves. Its backlit keyboard allows the analyzer to be used in the dark as well, while the bright anti-reflective display makes it easy to read in sunlight. Battery life lasts up to a full workday. The analyzer is lightweight, compact and rugged, making it very portable. It is a reliable companion even in harsh and inaccessible environments.

main feature:

■ Frequency range from 5kHz to 31GHz, with FPH-B29 option, the frequency can be extended to 100Hz

■ Frequency extension via activation code: from 2GHz to 3GHz or 4GHz, from 6GHz to 8GHz, from 13.6GHz to 20GHz, from 26.5GHz to 31GHz

■ Spectrum analysis: mobile communications, radar and satellite communications, broadcasting

■ Excellent RF performance:

• Noise Floor: Typical -163dBm (10MHz to 3GHz, pre-release)

• TOI measurement value: +10dBm (frequency 2.4GHz)

■ Suitable for field use: more than 6 hours battery, 2.5Kg weight, backlit keyboard, quick start, non-reflective screen, compact size, sturdy case

■ Large color display for touch and gesture operation

■ Measurement wizards that support measurement pre-definition, increase measurement speed, and avoid errors

■ Features and options for a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, wireless communications, broadcast, wireless, and education

■ Easy and cost-effective upgrade of all options via key

■ Three-year standard warranty (one year for batteries)

Features and Benefits:

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