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The U voltage and current output can be flexibly combined to output 6-phase voltage and 6-phase current. The conventional 4-phase voltage 3-phase current mode, 6-phase voltage mode, 6-phase current mode and 12-phase output mode can be realized by any combination. It can not only be compatible with various traditional test methods, but also be convenient for three-phase transformer differential test, auxiliary power fast switching and standby automatic switching test.

U operation mode device directly connected to a laptop or desktop computer for operation, convenient and fast, stable performance.

U new high fidelity linear power amplifier output has always been using high fidelity, high reliability modular linear power amplifier, rather than switching power amplifier, excellent performance. It will not produce high and medium frequency interference to the test site, and ensure the smooth waveform from large current to small current, and the precision is excellent.

The output part of u high-performance host is controlled by DSP, which has the advantages of fast operation speed, strong real-time digital signal processing ability, wide transmission band and high-resolution D / a conversion control. The output waveform has high precision, small distortion and good linearity. A large number of advanced technology and precision component materials are adopted, and the specialized structure design is carried out. Therefore, the device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, complete functions, easy to carry, and can work after starting up. The flow test is very convenient.

The U software has powerful functions, which can complete all kinds of large-scale and complex verification work with high degree of automation. It can easily test and scan various protection setting values, perform fault playback, store test data in real time, display vector diagram, and print reports online. The 6-phase current can be used to test the three-phase differential protection conveniently.

U has an independent dedicated DC power output, with a 110V and 220V adjustable DC power output.

U interface complete device with USB communication port, can communicate with computer and other external equipment.

U perfect self-protection function, reasonable heat dissipation structure design, reliable and perfect hardware protection measures, with power soft start function, software fault self diagnosis and output locking and other functions.

Section 2 rated parameters

Main characteristics and parameters of three phase relay protection tester

Rated parameters

– AC current output

For 6-phase current output, the output (RMS) of each phase is 0-30a, and the output accuracy is 0.2 level

When 3-phase current output, each phase output (effective value) is 0 ~ 60A

6-phase parallel current output (RMS) 0 ~ 180A

Allowable working value of phase current for a long time (effective value) 10A

Maximum output power of phase current 300VA

The maximum output power of 6-phase parallel current is 1000VA

The allowable working time is 10s under the maximum output of 6-phase parallel current

Frequency range (fundamental wave) 20 ~ 1000Hz

Harmonic frequency 1-20 times

– DC current output

Current output 0 ~ ± 10A / output accuracy of each phase is 0.5 level

Maximum output load voltage 20V

– AC voltage output

Phase voltage output (RMS) 0 ~ 120V, output accuracy 0.2 level

Line voltage output (RMS) 0 ~ 240V

Phase voltage / line voltage output power 80va / 100VA

Frequency range (fundamental wave) 20 ~ 1000Hz

Harmonic frequency 1-20 times

– DC voltage output

Phase voltage output amplitude 0 – ± 160V, output accuracy 0.5 level

The output amplitude of line voltage is 0 to ± 320v

Phase voltage / line voltage output power 70va / 140VA

– switching value

8-way switch input

No contact 1 ~ 20mA, 24 V

The potential contact is connected to “0”: 0 ~ + 6V; “1”: + 11 V – + 250 v

4 pairs of switch output DC: 220 V / 0.2 a; AC: 220 V / 0.5 a

– time measurement range

The measurement accuracy is less than 0.1ms

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