ADI’s ada4433-1 is a fully differential SD video amplifier, 5-order low-pass video filter, with output battery short-circuit protection (9stb) and ground short-circuit protection (STG), excellent video characteristics and low power consumption, output overvoltage protection up to 18v.0.1b, slope to 3MHz, – 3dB bandwidth 10MHz, 27MHz suppression of 45dB, mainly used in automotive rear-view camera, Automotive video electronic control unit (ECU), video monitoring system. This paper introduces the main characteristics, block diagram, configuration and application circuit diagram of ada4432-1, the application circuit diagram of adv7391 / ADV7393 video encoder, the DC coupling circuit diagram, the main characteristics, circuit diagram and material list of ada4433-1 evaluation board.

Ada4433-1: fully differential SD video filter amplifier with output battery short circuit protection function

Ada4432-1 (single ended output) and ada4433-1 (differential output) are fully integrated video reconstruction filters, which combine overvoltage protection (battery short circuit protection) and short circuit to ground protection (STG). Output, excellent video specifications and low power consumption. The combination of STB protection and strong ESD tolerance makes ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 provide excellent protection in harsh automotive environment.

The ada4432-1 is a single ended I / O video filter capable of driving long terminated cables.

Ada4433-1 is a fully differential video filter, which can be used as fully differential input of differential output or single ended input of differential output, so that it can be easily connected to differential and single ended signal sources. It can drive twisted pair or coaxial cable with minimum line attenuation. Differential signal processing reduces the influence of grounding noise, which may disturb the ground reference system. Ada4433-1 is an ideal choice for differential signal processing (gain and filter) in the whole signal chain, thus simplifying the conversion between single ended and differential components.

Battery short circuit protection is integrated into ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 to prevent DC and transient overvoltage events up to 18 V caused by unexpected short circuit of battery voltage. Analog devices, Inc. battery protection eliminates the need for large output coupling capacitors and other complex circuits used to protect standard video amplifiers, saving space and cost.

Ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 have a high-order filter with a cutoff frequency response of – 3 dB at 10 MHz and a rejection ratio of 45 dB at 27 MHz. The internal fixed gain of ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 is 2 V / v. This makes ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 very suitable for SD video applications, including NTSC and pal.

The ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 use single power supplies as low as 2.6V and as high as 3.6V, while providing the dynamic range required by the most demanding video systems.

Ada4432-1 and ada4433-1 adopt 8-Lead 3mm × 3mm lfcsp package. The ada4432-1 is also available in a 6-pin SOT-23 package. All products are rated to work in a wide automotive temperature range from − 0 ℃ to + 125 ℃.

Main characteristics of ada4432-1

For automotive applications

Up to 18 V output overvoltage (battery short circuit) protection for

Battery short circuit output flag of battery diagnosis

Output short circuit to ground protection

Fifth order low pass video filter

0.1 dB flatness to 3 MHz

-10 MHz bandwidth of 3 MHz

45 dB at 27 MHz

Ultra low power consumption: 13.5 μ A (typical value)

Low quiescent current

(ada4432-1) (typical value)

13.2 MA (ada4433-1) (typical)

Low supply voltage: 2.6 V to 3.6 V(

Small package)

8-pin, 3 mm × 3 mm LFCSP

6-pin SOT-23 (ada4432-1 only)

Wide working temperature range: − 0 ℃ to + 125 ℃

Application of ada4432-1:

Car rear view camera

Automotive video electronic control unit (ECU)

Surveillance video system

Main characteristics and application range of fully differential SD video amplifier ada4433-1

Figure 1. Block diagram of ada4432-1

Figure 2. Circuit diagram of ada4432-1 application case configuration

Figure 3. Application circuit diagram of ada4432-1 and adv7391 / ADV7393 video encoder

Figure 4. DC amplification circuit diagram of ada4432-1 video filter and ada4830-1 differential amplifier

Ada4433-1 evaluation board

Evaluation board, fully differential video filter amplifier, 8-pin lfcsp evaluation board for ada4433-1, 8-pin lfcsp

Full differential video filter amplifier provided in main features of ada4433-1 evaluation board:

Fully assembled and tested, it can

Quick customer evaluation

Edge mounted SMA connector configuration

Easy to connect to test equipment and other circuits

Figure 5. Outline drawing of ada4433-1 evaluation board

Figure 6. Circuit diagram of ada4433-1bcp-ebz evaluation board

Material list of ada4433-1bcp-ebz evaluation board:

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