According to reports, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of a new embedded processor and analog chip based on body acoustic wave (BAW), which is very suitable for the design of next generation wireless Internet of things and communication infrastructure. The two devices developed with Texas Instruments BAW technology are cc2652rb simplelink ™ Wireless microcontroller (MCU) and lmk05318 network synchronizer clock. They will help system designers simplify design logic, shorten product time to market, and achieve stable, simplified and high-performance data transmission, thus reducing the potential overall development and system costs.

Communication and industrial automation systems with discrete clocks and quartz crystal devices may not only be expensive, but also have complex and time-consuming development process. Generally, their performance is easily affected by environmental conditions. The new device using Ti BAW resonator technology integrates a reference clock resonator to provide the highest frequency in a small size. This highly integrated chip can effectively improve performance and mechanical stress tolerance, such as vibration and impact. Because Texas Instruments BAW technology can achieve stable data transmission, the data synchronization of wired and wireless signals is more accurate and makes continuous transmission possible, which means that the data can be processed quickly and seamlessly, greatly improving the efficiency of the whole system.

At the international embedded exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, 2019, Ti demonstrated how designers involved in the design of data transmission, building and factory automation, and grid infrastructure equipment can use this technology to develop higher performance systems while minimizing system cost, size, and design complexity.

SimpleLink ™ The main features and advantages of cc2652rb wireless MCU are as follows

-Smaller total volume: as the industry’s advanced wireless MCU without external quartz crystal oscillator, cc2652rb integrates a BAW resonator in a square flat pinless (QFN) package, thus eliminating the need for external high-speed 48 MHz crystal.

-Simplified design: cc2652rb is a multi standard device with the lowest power consumption. It supports ZigBee, thread, low power Bluetooth and private 2.4-GHz connection solutions on a single chip. And different from other solutions based on quartz crystal oscillator on the market, the chip supports the working range of – 40 ° C to 85 ° C, which is suitable for a wider range of applications, environments and scenarios.

The main characteristics and advantages of ultra-low jitter single channel lmk05318 network synchronizer clock are as follows:

Main characteristics and advantages of ultra low jitter single channel lmk05318 network synchronizer clock

-Higher network performance: ti’s new single channel network synchronizer clock is equipped with BAW resonator, which is suitable for 400 Gbps link transmission, helping the system to transmit more data faster, and providing higher system jitter budget margin than competitors’ similar devices. With ultra-low jitter and the industry’s best non disruptive switching performance, lmk05318 also provides the lowest bit error rate for 56 Gbps and the emerging 112 Gbps pulse amplitude modulation 4-link to achieve better network performance.

-Intuitive design: compared with competitors’ solutions, lmk05318 greatly simplifies the design phase of printed circuit board and provides higher clock performance due to no in system programming, simplified power requirements and reduced BOM of auxiliary components.

Package, supply and price:

Now you can get a pre production sample of cc2652rb from Texas Instruments store in a 7 mm x 7 mm (vqfn) package. Get Ti launchpad based on simplelink cc2652rb wireless MCU through Ti store ™ Development kit, developers can quickly start the design work.

Lmk05318 has been put into production, and the products have been provided by Texas Instruments stores and authorized dealers, using 48 pin (vqfn) packaging. Developers can evaluate this device through lmk05318 evaluation module. This evaluation module has been provided by Ti store and authorized dealers.

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