Magnetic control circuit of textile warper

As shown in the figure, when the circuit is just turned on, since the voltage at both ends of capacitor g cannot be changed suddenly, the voltage at IC 2 control terminal 5 is low, so 1C2 is cut off. The permanent magnet which rotates synchronously with the warper makes the Hall magnetic control IC h produce a pulse when the baffler steps on the foot starting plate to make the warper run from slow to normal. This pulse is rectified by capacitance C2, G. diode VD1 and VD2, and the DC voltage generated at both ends of the resistance turns VT on.

Before the capacitor C4 is charged to the opening voltage of IC 2 control terminal, I capacitor C4 is short circuited by VT, and IC 2 is always in the cut-off state.


When the warper stops for some reason. Hall integrated circuit loses the function of rotating magnetic field and stops working. Due to the isolation function of capacitor C2, VT loses bias voltage and stops working. Capacitor C4 is charged by resistance RP. If the shutdown time exceeds the time constants of RP and G, the voltage at both ends of C4 will reach the opening voltage of IC 2 control end, IC 2 is on, relay JS2 is under voltage, its normally closed contact JS2 is off, contactor KM1 is released, and motor stops running.

Main motor control circuit of textile warper

Main motor control circuit of warping machine: as shown in the figure. The motor has two control modes, manual and automatic (SB1 is the start button and SB2 is the stop button). The start and stop do not interfere with each other.


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