The next generation of magic leap ar head display magic leap 2 is officially scheduled to be released in 2021. Rony abovitz, founder and CEO of the company, said in an interview with Forbes that the main audience of ML2 will be enterprises and early productive consumers, and he called ML2 “a key new platform equipped with sensors and advanced optics.”

In an interview with Forbes, abovitz said that his next generation is in the final construction stage. Although he did not discuss the upcoming features of ML2 in detail, he just said that the company plans to cooperate with customers to improve magic leap 2 in 2020, but he did not disclose how to do it.

In order to further position itself as an enterprise solution, magic leap now cancels the name of magic leap one Creator edition and simply replaces it with “magic leap 1”.

The basic price after renaming is still $2300, and there is no difference in appearance from creator edition released in August 2018. However, now the company is obviously trying to attract enterprise users, because its recently updated website puts professional cases at the forefront and center, which has significantly changed from the quasi consumer model adopted by the company since its establishment. The previous model was to show games, music applications and experiences as the biggest highlights of the platform.

The company has also combined a magic leap 1 “enterprise package” for $3000, including two-year access to the company’s newly released device manager software, enterprise support, limited warranty and quick replacement program.

These may be in response to a recent report published in the information magazine. The report said that the company sold only 6000 magic leap 1 head displays in the first six months after the release of the first generation.

The report also revealed that magic leap 2 will have 5g technology, wider field of vision, smaller and lighter shape and different color options. At the same time, the second time may be hindered by “basic technical constraints”, so it is also possible to update the hardware. Most importantly, however, magic leap denied the report, calling it “a mess”.

No matter what form magic leap 2 takes, one thing is certain: the company will no longer target consumer devices. At the same time, it will lock in the market of commercial device providers and compete fiercely with Microsoft hololens platform. Its release date, 2021, is also the time frame in which Apple may release its first AR device in previous reports. However, we can’t decide whether these two times are related, but at least for AR, the noisy 1920s will be a very interesting decade.

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