It is reported that AR tide brand mad gaze chuanglong Zhixin launched its new product, mad gaze watch, on the international crowd funding platform indiegogo on the evening of March 3. In just one day, the amount of crowdfunding has rapidly exceeded 400000 Hong Kong dollars, reaching $412198. It has received hot orders from hundreds of technology trend players all over the world, ranking first in the total list of crowdfunding, and has set a new record of pre-sale of smart watches in recent years.

Mad gaze bone conduction smart watch crowdfunding precise gesture playing with AR / VR

Mad gaze watch is a smart watch operated by hand gesture with 33 kinds of user-defined shortcuts. Its core bone conduction operating system is completely independent research and development. This product is the first in the field of intelligent hardware, and will lead a revolutionary change in manipulation and bring consumers an unprecedented fast lifestyle.

In January this year, the mad gaze watch appeared in CES 2020, which attracted many visitors from all over the world. Many people said that they had never seen similar equipment before. Users who wear mad gaze watch don’t need to view any user interface on the watch. They just need to touch fingers, hands, wrists and other parts to start different apps, take photos, listen to songs and other functions, and get a life experience full of a sense of future.

Mad gaze bone conduction smart watch crowdfunding precise gesture playing with AR / VR

Over the years, mad gaze has been known by the public as an international famous brand of AR smart glasses. Zheng Wenhui, founder and CEO of mad gaze, said that the new generation of MR smart glasses of mad gaze has reached an ultra lightweight weight of 75g, but at the present stage, it still adopts the split type like most smart glasses on the market, and needs to be connected to a mobile phone. And the birth of mad gaze watch, is to solve the people out of the noisy environment, inconvenient voice operation, or often take out the difficulty of mobile phone operation, easy to touch the hand 33 kinds of custom shortcut, opened a new chapter of intelligent glasses control.

Perfect control of personal digital equipment, accurate gesture play AR / VR more sense

Mad gaze watch simplifies users’ life by gesture control. Almost any operation on the watch can be completed simply by hand, finger and wrist movements and gestures, such as checking SMS, calendar reminders, social media, or accessing digital assistant. It makes daily tasks more convenient and fast, almost perfect control of personal portable digital equipment, people can complete more things in the busy.

With the mad gaze watch, you can tap the surface, flick different fingers, rotate your wrist or simply tap the back of your hand to trigger different operations. You can also control other IOT intelligent devices, such as taking photos, answering and rejecting calls, opening applications, playing music, controlling volume, setting timers, sharing positioning, using walkie talkie functions, or recording.

In order to meet the needs of game players, mad gaze watch can also be used as an accurate gesture control equipment. Select advanced motion sensing mode to play AR and VR games, and use arm and wrist control to get a more natural game playing method, so as to quickly upgrade and feel better!

Imu9 axis super sensor, custom shortcut

Different from other intelligent equipment that only has basic gesture function, mad gaze watch uses an extremely advanced gesture control system, which is based on the sophisticated imu9 axis gyroscope and acceleration sensor. It can accurately capture different vibration waves and movements of the hand, analyze them through advanced intelligent algorithm, and then trigger any number of custom functions.

Mad gaze watch not only has simple gesture function, but also provides a variety of control methods. The full set of actions can contain up to 33 custom controls and shortcuts.

Deep understanding of modern people’s fitness and health model

The busy modern people pay more and more attention to health and exercise. Mad gaze watch also focuses on fitness and healthy lifestyle, including more than 10 sports modes, such as running, cycling, yoga and so on. The watch can display real-time statistical information during sports and exercise, so as to help users know their physical fitness status at any time and establish a custom exercise style.

Mad gaze bone conduction smart watch crowdfunding precise gesture playing with AR / VR

The mad gaze watch system with GPS function can record data according to walking speed, distance, calories burned, etc., so it is very suitable for sports and exercise. Its IP67 dust proof and waterproof grade makes the watch can be used in outdoor activities under all weather conditions.

Modern solutions for modern life and work

The design of mad gaze watch fully considers how to show the modern digital lifestyle in the eyes of consumers. Without turning on the laptop, you can reply to messages, view e-mails and answer important business calls with simple gestures, and you can go out without interrupting important business.

The most surprising thing for young people is that the mad gazewatch has 16 bright colors and replaceable watchbands, which are suitable for different occasions with different costumes. Whether it’s business entertainment in the middle of a week or dressing up on weekends, with the help of the fashionable mad gaze watch, you can show your unique personal style and create a more intelligent and fashionable lifestyle.


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