Notebook computers are becoming more and more powerful in performance and gorgeous in appearance. However, in addition to the continuous addition of a large number of low-power hardware, reducing the number of interfaces is also an important means to make notebook thinner. Apple’s new MacBook released last year is a vivid example. The whole machine is only equipped with a usb-c interface and a headphone interface. If you want to connect more peripherals, you need to buy corresponding adapters. Needless to say, a large number of adapters are not convenient to carry. Line dock is a notebook cooling base. Of course, in addition to saire, it also has a built-in 20000mah battery, 1TB SSD hard disk and 9 common expansion interfaces.

The line dock notebook cooling base uses an aluminum alloy shell with a thickness of only 8mm. It is equipped with an active cooling system. It adopts the design concept of durability and comfort. It has four functions: backup power supply, expansion interface, storage and cooling. It eliminates the need to carry a large number of adapters and chargers. It is very suitable for work and travel.

The line dock can be used as a high-capacity mobile power supply. It has built-in four ultra-thin lithium batteries to form a battery pack with a total capacity of 20000mah. It is the thinnest of the products with the same capacity at present. It will provide your laptop with an additional 15 hours of battery life, and the charging speed is as fast as that of ordinary computers charged with usb-c interface. With line dock, whether the computer is turned on, off or in sleep mode, the base will charge the device to 100% and then automatically stop charging. If you don’t want to drag the annoying charging cable to use your laptop, line dock is a good choice.

Line dock has a built-in storage function, which can effectively solve the problem of insufficient storage space of notebook computers. The built-in maximum 1TB SSD hard disk can easily and quickly store and access important data such as pictures, videos, business presentations and papers. The reading and writing speed of SSD solid-state drive is five times that of ordinary computer mechanical hard disk. The built-in design can effectively prevent you from leaving the hard disk at home. Whether on the plane or on the road, line dock allows you to carry all kinds of data with you. Of course, there are 512gb 256gb versions of line dock to choose from according to individual needs.

The line dock cooling base is equipped with 3 USB 3.0 interfaces, 2 usb-c interfaces, 1 USB 3.0 microb interface, 1 HDMI and 1 minidisplay interface, which can easily connect various old and new devices. SD card reader allows fast storage and reading data, which is very suitable for photographers and UAV enthusiasts.

The heat dissipation performance directly affects the overall performance of the notebook computer. If the temperature is too high, the hardware will automatically reduce the frequency to protect the equipment from damage due to too high temperature. When performing complex tasks, the notebook computer will heat up seriously, making the computer slower and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the notebook is very critical. Line dock adopts an active cooling system. Its patented technology does not simply blow air to the laptop like the traditional external cooling pad, but produces a real cooling effect, which is about 11 ° C lower than the room temperature. The unique thermoelectric cooling system can actively absorb heat from the bottom of the notebook computer to ensure the low-temperature and efficient operation of the notebook.

In order to reflect mobility, the line dock has a built-in high-capacity battery pack, which can not only charge the notebook, but also charge conventional electronic devices such as mobile phones. There is no need to worry about finding a power socket. At present, many electronic devices begin to provide support for wireless charging. Line dock also adds the wireless charging function. You can start charging just by placing the mobile phone and other electronic devices on the base without cable connection. The line dock has four built-in wireless charging boards, which can charge multiple electronic devices wirelessly at the same time.

The line dock base is available in three sizes: 12 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch, which are respectively suitable for notebook computers of corresponding sizes. These sizes are designed according to the size of MacBook and MacBook Pro, but they are also compatible with ordinary usb-c interface laptops. You can choose the corresponding model according to your needs. Currently available in silver, matte black and space grey.

The line dock base is mainly designed for notebook computers that use usb-c interface for charging. Four embedded magnets are built into the base to help fix the notebook computer on the base and prevent it from sliding down. The base body is made of 7075 aluminum alloy, which has excellent durability and portability, and looks very high-grade.

At present, the line dock cooling base is being crowdfunded on indiegogo website. The basic version includes cooling base, 20000mah battery pack and wireless charging board, without expansion interface and solid state disk, and the price is $149 (about RMB 1026); 256gb SSD and all expansion interfaces are added to the Standard Version, and the price is 239 US dollars (about 1645 yuan); The advanced version upgrades the SSD to 512gb at a price of 399 yuan (about 2746 yuan); The capacity of the exclusive SSD is upgraded to 1TB, and the price is 599 yuan (about 4123 yuan). It is expected to be shipped in June 2017.

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