On December 16, LYFT said it expects that from 2023, its users will be able to book driverless cars through its mobile app. The driverless cars used by the company will be equipped with motional’s system, which is an autonomous joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and amber Ford.

Raj Kapoor, chief strategy officer of LYFT and head of autonomous driving program, said: “we have found a business model that allows both sides to achieve large-scale profitability.” The two companies did not disclose the financial details of the project and declined to say in which cities the service will be launched in 2023.

The two companies said the project would operate in a complex urban environment and would not have a human driver in the car. Since there is no need to pay human drivers, this may mean that the final operating costs of these online car Hailing will become lower.

Earlier this year, Hyundai invested $4 billion in motional with amber, and after a non exclusive partnership with LYFT, the company will gain a ready-made customer base and be able to move quickly from R & D to commercialization.

Motional chief executive Karl iagnemma said the partnership would accelerate the expansion of its existing fleet of more than 100 self driving vehicles. “This agreement marks the largest self driving taxi service deployed in a large carpooling network, and is a leap forward based on the current cooperation between motional and LYFT,” he said

For a long time, driverless vehicles have attracted a lot of attention in the technology industry. Many enterprises begin to pursue this technology, but it is also very common that they fail to achieve the goal according to the plan. In recent years, even the most optimistic businesses and investors have admitted that fully automatic driving vehicles need more time and money than previously thought.

A week ago, LYFT’s biggest competitor, Uber, just announced that it had sold its autonomous driving division to Aurora, a start-up. Uber will focus on achieving a quarterly adjusted profit by the end of next year after getting rid of the loss making division.

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