On January 6, 2022, Infineon Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. held its first event in Greater China covering the three major fields of the Internet of Everything, future mobility, and low-carbon energy saving in Shenzhen, with the theme of “low-carbon interconnection, gathering momentum and win-win”. “The cross-industry ecosystem conference with the theme of “Infineon’s strategic transformation from a product and technology supplier to a system solution provider driven by the tide of electrification and digitalization, and demonstrated Infineon’s partnership with various The vision of cross-border integration and innovative development of local industries, as well as some of the latest achievements, have been achieved by partners from other countries.

The Infineon Ecosystem Conference is composed of four parallel sub-forums, including keynote speeches, round-table forums, secure interconnection of all things, efficient smart home appliances, future smart travel, and perceived smart life. Relevant leaders from Shenzhen came to give speeches. Entrepreneurs and technical experts from leading companies and institutions in the industrial ecological chain shared valuable experience in electric vehicles, Internet of Things, energy efficiency, etc. with many guests and audiences from value chains, universities and industry associations in various application fields. and forward-looking insights.

Dr. Helmut Gassel, Chief Marketing Officer of Infineon Technologies, said in a video message: “Digitalization and electrification will accelerate the transformation of society and the economy. This offers our industry enormous business potential. Infineon is convinced that partnerships are the business of the future. important driver and accelerator. We want to learn from our partners and develop new applications with you. As a leading semiconductor company, Infineon is ready to leverage complementary strengths with our partners in the industry. I believe , further strengthening the collaboration of the innovation ecosystem will benefit all of us.”

Dr. Su Hua, Senior Vice President of Infineon Technologies and President of Greater China, delivered a keynote speech

Dr. Su Hua, Senior Vice President of Infineon Technologies and President of Greater China, pointed out in his keynote speech: “From product technology to solution, it is a huge systematic project, which cannot be successfully realized by oneself. Build a complete full value chain ecosystem.” He also said: “As a leader in semiconductor technology, Infineon is willing to take the initiative to create a full value chain local ecosystem with global service capabilities, which can not only serve the world well Local customers and partners in China can also follow the historical trend, support local customers and partners to go overseas, and export high-quality products and services to the world.”

Attendees visit the Infineon booth to learn about innovative solutions

In fact, the Infineon Greater China ecosystem has long been laid out and has achieved remarkable achievements. In the field of future travel, with the advent of the era of vehicle electrification, intelligence, and networking, changes in the industrial structure, and the further enrichment and improvement of Infineon’s automotive electronic solution system, Infineon Automotive has a ten-year history. The electronic ecosystem has received more attention and attention from industrial ecological chain partners including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, software developers, etc., attracting a large number of partners to actively participate in it; In the field of the Internet of Everything, Infineon Provide a complete system-level solution, covering the five core elements of the Internet of Things: perception, computing, driving, connection, and security. Infineon works closely with partners with special core capabilities in different application scenarios in the ecosystem to help various IoT application scenarios to be implemented quickly and effectively in a safer, lower power consumption, and more stable and reliable manner. In this conference, some representative cooperation achievements in “smart life” were displayed to inspire innovation and encourage more partners to create richer application scenarios and use cases; in the field of energy efficiency and sensing systems, British As early as 2017, Feiling took the lead in building a home appliance ecosystem and a power supply and sensing community among many chip companies. With its leading technology, complete product line and comprehensive solutions, as well as a deep understanding of semiconductor technology, it brings together the industry. Chain partners, breaking boundaries, cohesion, innovation and win-win, have played an important role in the process of frequency conversion and intelligent interconnection of home appliances.

In the future, Infineon will launch three major measures to promote the development of the Infineon Greater China low-carbon interconnected ecosystem, making it more abundant, complete and prosperous: First, through the construction of local application development teams and application competence centers, the Can partner, encourage cross-border innovation, and enhance local design, development, and manufacturing capabilities. Second, actively cultivate high-quality partners in the local industry value chain, continuously promote innovation, improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Third, build virtual ecological clusters around core areas that are closely related to the development of the times, such as future travel, high energy efficiency, the Internet of Things and big data, and security, and enhance the ecosystem through online communities, user interaction, and knowledge sharing. Depth and breadth of collaboration between partners to create the future together.

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