In addition to the issue of whether wearable devices can become the next killer application in the industry, Apple ‘ The layout behind the watch can still reveal the intention of large international factories in the field of medical applications.

In the past, when Apple developed new hardware products, it was equipped with innovative application service platform, and developed the integrated software and hardware service mode. Apple alone In terms of hardware specifications of watch, although all parties have made good comments, on the whole, the difference between the watch and other types of wearable products on the market is still limited. The more special part is only the light sensor on the inner contact skin surface. The green LED light volume technology with high measurement accuracy is used. At present, the main application lies in the measurement records related to sports. It is estimated that it can be further applied to health management functions such as mood and stress change in the future. Strictly speaking, apple watch is not currently available as a medical grade hardware product in terms of hardware specifications.

However, if we look at Apple’s layout before the launch of Apple watch from the perspective of hardware specifications, we can see that Apple has been working hard in the field of medical care for many years. Although at this stage, we only use general consumer electronic terminal products such as apple watch or iPhone to enter the field of health management, but this time, we are in contact with apple The medical research application researchkit published by watch at the same time shows Apple’s strategic attempt to enter the medical field through the exclusive application app. Researchkit is a suite jointly developed by apple and 12 research institutions, including top medical academic and research institutions such as Oxford University and Stanford University, and has launched five applications for breast cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, asthma and cardiovascular disease.

At present, there are five major characteristics of the priority diseases: 1. For chronic diseases requiring long-term follow-up care, the living environment and habits will affect the degree of disease deterioration, and the independent management and follow-up of patients are particularly important; 2 The influence of genetic risk factors is clear. The relatives and families of patients are prone to the same disease, and the high-risk groups with family history have their own needs for preventive long-term follow-up monitoring.

Medical institutions can develop special applications through researchkit, and attract potential research cases through Apple iTunes / app store. For one thing, apple researchkit can solve privacy and personal security concerns, and for another, they can collect personal body or life information of users participating in medical research on their own initiative by using terminal devices such as apple watch or iPhone.

Through the combination of Apple watch, iPhone and researchkit, users participating in relevant research programs will be able to record relevant physiological data more easily, which not only solves some limitations of medical institutions in medical research, but also enables apple to establish a cooperative relationship with medical institutions.

In the past, when Apple developed new hardware products, it was equipped with innovative application service platforms, and developed integrated software and hardware service models. For example, when the iPod was launched, the iTunes service platform was developed simultaneously, which enabled apple to create a new business model of digital music; the iPhone was matched with the app Store, which provides a platform for third-party software developers to develop applications, subverts the traditional operation mode of mobile phones.

Looking at the development mode of medical electronic industry from the perspective of Apple Watch

When Apple watch was launched, people may focus on product specifications, appearance design, complementary functions with mobile phones, etc., but observing Apple’s strategy may not only stop at Apple Instead, watch is positioned as a complementary product with iPhone, which may be an opportunity for apple to step into another integration of different industries. In terms of current development trends, the deep integration with the medical industry may be one of its development directions.

Since Apple announced that it will launch Apple watch wearable products, it has successively recruited medical experts and sports health experts to join the design team, including Dr. Michael O’Reilly, the former chief vice president of medical affairs of Masimo, a famous non-invasive external blood oxygen detection instrument, and two biomedical doctors: Sage bionetworks, a non-profit biomedical Research Institute Dr. Stephen h. friend, co-founder and chairman, and Dr. Dan Riskin, founder and CEO of vanguard medical technologies, a new medical technology company. At present, although Apple watch has not been directly introduced into medical applications, through research kit and other cross industry cooperation development strategies, apple watch and Apple’s future medical applications will increase a lot of imagination space.

Apple’s approach to developing app applications through researchkit, coupled with the endorsement of cooperation from authoritative medical institutions, may have the opportunity to make patients more willing to provide their own information actively, so that their diseases can be monitored more effectively, and help professional institutions to accelerate the development of solutions. This cross industry cooperation scheme is expected to effectively improve patient participation, and even provide personal information of specific diseases for research through wearable devices such as apple watch.

At present, most of the electronic industry who intend to enter the medical field can only be limited to sports and fitness management projects, and it is difficult to cross the real medical field. In the way of wearable device assisted medical research, apple aims at the problems faced in the research of diseases and new drugs, especially the difficulty in obtaining effective samples in clinical research. Apple’s approach of solving medical research problems and providing assistance is expected to help the electronic industry such as apple gain the trust of medical research institutions and enhance the willingness of future cooperation. For medical institutions, patients and electronic industry, there is an opportunity to create a win-win situation. This development mode is worthy of further discussion and reference for other electronic industry who intend to develop cross domain integration.


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