With the rapid development of advanced technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 8K ultra-high-definition, people have higher and higher requirements for the portability, intelligence, and functional integration of electronic products, and the storage industry has ushered in new development. situation. Smart electronic devices under the digital transformation have put forward higher requirements for the reliability and stability of small-capacity storage products, especially in terms of high temperature tolerance, which is even more important for customers in the intelligent and miniaturized consumer electronics industry.

FORESEE, a storage brand of Longsys Electronics, recently launched DDR4 products in TFBGA 96ball package, which can maintain the industry’s first-line level in terms of process technology, transmission speed, low power consumption and high temperature stability.

Mainstream parameters provide accurate storage for the market

FORESEE DDR4 is packaged in TFBGA. Compared with the previous generation of DDR3L particles, the speed has increased by nearly 30%, and the maximum can reach 3200Mbps. This product currently provides the mainstream 1GB capacity in the market, which can maximize the terminal application for small-capacity and high-stability storage. need.

(product parameters)

Widely used in intelligent terminal equipment

FORESEE DDR4 has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption, which can provide more play and innovation space for terminal equipment using this product. Currently, it is mainly used in drones, IPC, set-top boxes, smart speakers, smart TVs, GPON, POS Computers, TV boxes and other fields, and can meet the data cache requirements of network communications, smart terminals, etc., and can be easily controlled in the face of diverse application scenarios.

(main application)

Self-developed ATE machine, empowering every product

Based on the 10nm ASIC chip test solution, Longsys has innovated and customized a high-speed, high-frequency, large-scale, and low-power automated test machine: LS428, and independently developed the test program. up to 1600 MHz), functional testing and high temperature burn-in testing capabilities. It is worth mentioning that the company has innovated and developed a test socket (Socket) for direct high-temperature testing, which can directly achieve a linear temperature rise of 0~125°C in the Socket for high-temperature testing, without the need to remove the chip from the machine in accordance with the conventional high-temperature testing scheme. Then sent to the high temperature box for testing.

(10nm ASIC test system)

Comprehensive quality management system guarantees stable and reliable products

For storage products, the characteristics of memory particles have a particularly important impact on product performance. There are a large number of granules with different processes/processes and capacities circulating in the market, and their quality is uneven, making it difficult for industry customers to identify when purchasing. Therefore, Longsys Electronics has formulated a set of rigorous particle admission process, and matched the pressure test higher than the industry to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.

  • Particle admission process

On the basis of the regular IPD process, Longsys differentiates between technical review and decision review, and makes the position of technical evaluation more pure while maintaining the neutrality of decision-making. In addition, the company will adhere to the orientation of meeting customer needs and increasing customer value through early assessment of the demands of project stakeholders.

  • pressure test

As one of the procedures of quality management, production testing plays a vital role in product reliability. Longsys Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park was completed and put into use in 2019. It has many professional laboratories and experimental equipment. Its products are tested with self-written test cases, providing a highly reliable test environment for products. Each particle of FORESEE DDR4 has passed three categories of high-temperature aging, high-temperature stress test, and performance test, with a total of more than 40 sub-test items, providing high-reliability products for industry customers.

(full range test)

Advanced process brings extraordinary experience

FORESEE DDR4 has the most advanced 1α nm process. Compared with the traditional 1x nm process, its performance has been further upgraded under the premise of controllable cost. In addition, this product has a high-speed clock frequency, which can achieve 3200Mbps high-efficiency read and write performance, and provide high-speed cache for real-time update of applications.

Since the application environment of DDR4 is mainly thin and compact, this means that in the case of limited space, heat dissipation efficiency will become its weak link. When the temperature is high, the product will start the temperature automatic refresh function, and its built-in temperature sensor will increase the self-refresh frequency to ensure that the data will not be wrong.

(Comparison of the speed of two generations of products)

In the future, as users’ consumption thinking gradually upgrades towards diversification and high-end, 8K smart TVs, NAS, portable wearables and other terminal devices will become the mainstream of the market. In order to meet the storage needs in this field, FORESEE will subdivide storage products into this category. The huge market has injected a source of development into intelligent and miniaturized electronic terminals.

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