On April 8, Longji cut the price of silicon wafer again. Does it indicate that the leader is also pessimistic about the photovoltaic industry chain?

According to Longji’s official website, the price of single crystal p-type M6 silicon chip dropped from 3.41 yuan to 3.26 yuan, down 0.15 yuan, down 4.6%; the price of single crystal p-type 158.75 silicon chip dropped from 3.32 yuan to 3.17 yuan, down 0.15 yuan, down 4.5%. In addition, the quotation of single crystal p-type M2 silicon wafer is not shown. According to the market, M2 is no longer the mainstream of the market and is gradually withdrawing.

On March 25, the two leading companies of Longji Tongwei successively released the pricing of silicon wafers and battery wafers in April.

From Tongwei’s quotation, it can be found that the quotation of six sizes of battery cells fell in the whole line, M2 (156.75mm) and M6 (166mm) fell by more than 7%, among which the decrease of M6 was the largest.

The quotation of Longji M6 was reduced from 3.47 yuan to 3.41 yuan per chip, the price of M2 remained unchanged, and the price of G1 (158.75mm) silicon chip was increased by 3.32 yuan per chip.

In terms of quotation, the price of Longji is not as sharp as that of Tongwei. However, according to the analysis of professionals in the industry, Longji silicon will replace the previous boron doped silicon with gallium doped silicon whose patent expired from shinyue in April.

According to reports, the first year attenuation performance of GA doped silicon wafers is more excellent, comparable to that of n-type silicon wafers. Boron doped and GA doped silicon wafers maintain the same price, which is equivalent to that of GA doped single crystal silicon wafers, with a decrease of RMB 0.15 per chip.

Longji cut the price of silicon chip again, and the quotation of M6 was reduced to 3.41 yuan / chip

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