Ruixin micro’s new security IPC solutions rv1126 and rv1109 were successfully mass produced, helping partner long vision technology launch 22 fixed focus and zoom network camera IPC with 2 million / 4 million / 8 million pixels, which can be applied to smart home, smart city, intelligent transportation and other fields. At present, mass-produced IPC products have been put into use in home monitoring and large shopping malls at home and abroad.

Rv1126 and rv1109 adopt 14nm process, with built-in NPU and self-developed ISP. It has multi-level noise reduction, 3-frame HDR, smart AE intelligent automatic exposure, white balance, distortion correction and other technologies, which can not only ensure the dynamic range of the scene, but also meet the requirements of keeping clear in black light full-color and complex light environment; At the same time, smart h.265 coding technology can save half of the back-end storage space; With AI algorithm, AI function expansion can be realized.

The long view technology IPC products equipped with rv1126 / rv1109 have excellent HDR function performance. The effect can be seen from the actual pictures of the products below. The pictures taken by long view technology IPC can clearly see the blue sky, buildings, plants, portraits, red signs and words in the house under backlight, and the colors can be truly restored at the same time. Compared with the HDR function of other schemes, the effect is clearer and the details are better.

Secondly, based on the AI algorithm of rv1126 / rv1109, long view technology IPC can realize a series of intelligent applications, including human shape / face based movement detection, area intrusion, cross-border detection, wandering detection, personnel aggregation detection, etc., to meet the detection needs of various security scenes.

Zhang Shuai, marketing manager of Ruixin micro products, said: “based on Ruixin micro self-developed isp2.0 technology, rv1126 and rv1109 have comprehensively upgraded the performance and stability of the scheme, and targeted solved many pain points, such as unclear complex light environment, serious drag and less storage, which helps the series of IPC products of long-range vision have stable and excellent performance in different security scenarios.”

Cao Yongsheng, manager of the IPC product department of long vision technology, said: “the powerful CPU and NPU performance of Ruixin micro IPC scheme effectively realizes the wide dynamic effect of super dynamic range. At the same time, the dual system architecture makes the product more stable and provides mature technical guarantee for mass production.”

Focus on the optimization and upgrading of Ruixin’s micro security technology, and focus on the landing of Ruixin’s products. Based on rv1126 and rv1109 solutions, long-term vision technology will launch more types of IPC products and security applications to jointly provide cost-effective product solutions for customers all over the world.

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