Logitech updated the G Pro series of game headphones for its G product line last year, which has successfully attracted the pursuit of many game players. Now nearly a year later, Logitech has updated the G Pro headphones series and launched a more high-end version of G Pro X.

In terms of configuration, this should be a fairly comprehensive upgrade.

Logitech launches gprox version headphones, and the voice in the game will become clearer

Compared with the previous work, the new Logitech g Pro x looks more “plump” in shape. This is because Logitech uses more memory sponge filling, which makes the wearing feeling of G Pro X more comfortable.

Of course, its weight does rise to 320G (258g for G Pro), but for a pair of headphones, this weight is still an ideal value that will not affect normal use.

The biggest upgrade of Logitech g Pro x comes from the microphone. Blue microphones, a microphone company previously acquired by Logitech, led the design of G Pro X’s pickup system and joined their housekeeping technology blue VO! CE。

Although it may not be comparable to those professional anchor level microphones, it is enough to make Logitech g Pro X have ideal pickup effect, and the voice in the game will become clearer (and the spray will be more sonorous and powerful).

Of course, as a high-end game headset, it is expected that pro x embraces DTS HEADPHONE: x 2.0. In theory, it can bring a quite immersive surround experience. I just don’t know how the sound quality of Logitech g Pro x can perform?

In fact, before the official release, Logitech has provided some early adopters with Pro x headphones for trial. After changing the rotating shaft design, the ear muffs that cannot rotate on the Y axis affect the wearing comfort to a certain extent, but the more standard leather ear pads have received good comments, so before purchase, Let’s try the experience offline before making a decision.

The price of Logitech g Pro x is $129.99 (about RMB 900). After this update, the standard version of G Pro has also been upgraded. At the same time, the price maintains the price of $99.99 (about RMB 688) when the first generation was launched.

Only the standard version can’t enjoy blue VO! With the technical blessing of CE, considering the price difference of only $30, there won’t be too much pressure on the top matching.

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