On September 27, 2020 China online media forum was held in Shanghai with the theme of “opening a new situation in the changing situation: the responsibility and mission of China’s online media”. Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of industry and information technology, attended the main forum and the opening ceremony and delivered a speech at the technical forum.

Liu Liehong said that after years of rapid development, China’s network service capacity has been significantly enhanced, the effect of increasing speed and reducing fees is obvious, and the pilot of universal service has been steadily promoted. The coverage of optical fiber and 4G in administrative villages in China has exceeded 98%, the scale of 4G network ranks first in the world, and the number of 5g terminal connections has exceeded 130 million; The supporting capacity of the technology industry has been steadily improved, the network security environment has been continuously optimized, and the policy standards, technical means and supervision mechanism have been continuously improved. In the next three years, 5g will still be in the “introduction period”, so it is necessary to maintain concentration and steady play to promote the successful commercial use of 5g.

Liu Liehong: vigorously promote 5g application innovation

A good information infrastructure will provide a good foundation and environment for the innovation and development of the network media industry. Therefore, Liu Liehong puts forward four suggestions for 5g Construction:

First, vigorously promote 5g application innovation and maintain strategic concentration. At present, the development of 2C services in 5g applications in China is progressing steadily, but 2B and 2G services are still in the early stage of development. There is no ready-made experience to follow. It needs time to explore and practice, which should be treated objectively and rationally.

Second, adhere to the moderately advanced construction rhythm and form a benign model of “promoting use with construction”. From the relationship between network and application, moderately advanced network is the basis of application development. At present, China has built more than 600000 5g base stations, which has promoted the development of information consumption.

Third, respect the objective law of 5g technology product maturity. 5g technology and products need to be continuously improved and mature in practice, which can not be achieved overnight. By vigorously exploring 5g based network media communication products and services and promoting the deep integration of 5g rich media messages and network media, new technologies such as “5g + UHD”, “5g + Ar / VR” and “5g + holography” are booming, forming a number of typical application scenarios and cases such as new media platforms and mobile studios based on 5g technology. With the launch of low-cost modules that support low latency, high reliability, wide coverage and large connections, the application scenarios of vertical industries are expected to be further enriched.

Fourth, take a comprehensive view of 5g construction and development. The initial investment in 5g network construction is large, but we should also see that 5g has strong permeability and wide radiation drive. It is a sharp tool to promote digital transformation and cultivate new kinetic energy for economic development. From a long-term perspective and the overall situation, 5g construction investment should help form a new development pattern of “taking the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other”.

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