On February 23, the 2021gti international industry summit with the theme of “5g right time” was held during the world mobile communication conference (MWC) in Shanghai. Guests from the Ministry of industry and information technology, Saudi Ministry of communications and information technology, GSMA (Global Association of mobile communication systems), China Mobile, China Radio and television and other communication enterprises, as well as industry partners attended the meeting to jointly look forward to the future development trend of global mobile communication innovation, openness, cooperation and win-win, accelerate 5g integration into all industries, serve the public, and create new digital value.

Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that the development of 5g is just at the right time. The Chinese government vigorously promotes the development and application of 5g and other information and communication technologies. In 2020, more than 600000 5g base stations will be built, achieving full coverage of 5g networks in all cities above prefecture level, and the number of 5g terminal connections will exceed 200 million. In 2021, China plans to build 600000 5g base stations, forming a benign development mode of “promoting construction with construction and promoting construction with use”. In view of industrial development, Vice Minister Liu Liehong put forward four proposals. First, speed up the construction of digital infrastructure and improve network service capacity. Second, strengthen technological innovation and lay a solid foundation for the development of 5g industry. Third, continue to build cross industry integration and innovation ecology, and promote the large-scale development of 5g integration application. Fourth, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager of China Mobile, delivered a speech entitled “seize the new opportunities of 5g development, win win the new era of intelligent alliance of all things”. He pointed out that China Mobile actively grasps the new opportunities of “five vertical and three horizontal” digital development in the economic society, and makes efforts from four aspects to focus on intelligence and empowerment for comprehensively promoting high-quality economic and social development. First, consolidate the new infrastructure. China Mobile has built more than 390000 5g base stations and 169 million users of 5g package. It has built an industry private network service system with wide coverage, excellent performance, low cost, strong operation and maintenance, and full capacity. With the goal of “comprehensive integration of intelligence”, we will vigorously promote the “China Mobile Jiutian” cloud, and realize the new development from mobile cloud to smart cloud. Second, the use of new elements. In terms of information technology, we will promote the integration and application of 5g + aicde, blockchain and other information technologies, and implement the cooperation plan of “nine sky and the moon”, “digital spark” and “building a nest to attract Phoenix”. In terms of data elements, we should build “Wutong big data” platform, which can embody thousands of lines and businesses. The third is to create new momentum. Relying on the new infrastructure and the application of the two new elements, we can improve life services, promote social governance, and upgrade the mode of production. Fourth, build a new ecology. Through the implementation of the “Lianchuang +” plan, opening up the market of one billion customers, implementing the 50 billion value sharing action, and investing 100 billion yuan of M & a capital, we will jointly create a new mode of R & D cooperation and expand a new blue ocean of business cooperation. We will continue to expand the “5g +” global circle of friends and strengthen international cooperation.

Song Qizhu, chairman of China Radio and television, shared the thinking and planning of China Radio and television as a new operator for “5g at the right time”. He said that social change is always embedded in technology, and is now moving from 4G experience to 5g application and efficiency. 5g will become a bridge to the new digital era. China Radio and television will conform to the development trend of the times, adhere to the positioning of large-scale cultural enterprises, practice the mission of “building a modern communication system, meeting the new needs of the people, and enabling the construction of Digital China”, and build a globally competitive platform enterprise integrating media, information and technology. In the future, China Radio and television will implement the “center strategy” and carry out the 3 + X business planning of “5g, media content, cable TV (broadband) and innovative business”. First, build a safe, reliable, green, agile and intelligent 5g minimalist network with high starting point and high standard, and continue to build 5g boutique network. Second, create a new video platform throughout the whole process of production, distribution and consumption, promote the integration of “technology + Art + humanities”, and lead the video to a new high. Third, around the 700MHz 5g end-to-end industrial chain, 5gnr based broadcast multicast and various innovative services, we will work together with partners to create a prosperous ecology.

At the meeting, China Mobile, together with nearly 20 domestic and foreign mainstream operators and manufacturers, jointly released the white paper on 5g wireless evolution, jointly defined the R18 / 19 technology evolution framework for 2025 and beyond, and jointly created the future of 5g sustainable development.

In addition, senior executives from T-Mobile of the United States, KDDI of Japan, LGU + of South Korea, true of Thailand, Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, ZTE, Ge, danghong Qitian and Schneider delivered speeches to share 5g technology innovation and industrial application practice, discuss the deep changes caused by the era of 5g Internet of things, and call on industries to work together to promote 5g new development and create new business value, Win win, digital intelligence, new future.
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