This paper introduces a lithium battery charging circuit made of tp4057 lithium battery special charging IC, which can charge a single lithium battery, and has charging indicator light and full indicator light. After the lithium battery is fully charged, the whole circuit is automatically in the state of micro power consumption and power saving.


Tp4057 is a constant current / constant voltage linear charging IC for a single lithium battery, with battery reverse connection protection and anti reverse charging circuit inside. The working voltage range of the charging IC is 4-6V, and the static working current is only 40 μ a. the output charging current can be set by the external resistance R2 of pin ⑥, and the maximum charging current is 600mA.

The ① pin of tp4057 is the charging indicator, when charging, the LED1 indicator light of ① pin is on; the ⑤ pin is the full indicator, when fully charged, the LED2 indicator light of ⑤ pin is on. R1 is the current limiting resistance of LED1 and LED2. R2 is the set resistance of charging current. When the resistance is 1.6K Ω, the output charging current is 500mA. The circuit can be powered by 5V output from mobile phone charger or charger.

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