Energy saving and efficient compact devices are suitable for demanding mission critical video image analysis applications in aerospace, national defense, industrial automation and other fields

Cm5-p1000 is the first vehicle equipped with NVIDIA ® Quadro ® Cots PC / 104 module of P1000 GPU

Reliable swap optimization solutions are very suitable for aerospace, defense and industrial applications

Cm5-p1000 is an important new product in Linghua technology’s PC / 104 product portfolio, reflecting Linghua technology’s long-term commitment to PC / 104 technology

Shanghai, China – May 25, 2021

Linghua technology, the world’s leading edge computing solution provider, has launched the industry-leading solution, cm5-p1000 module, which further expands Linghua technology’s advanced solutions for mission critical AI applications. The configuration of the module is pcieg104 type 1 (size 116mm x 96mm), which is suitable for aerospace and defense applications with strict restrictions on size, weight and power consumption (SWAP). As an NVIDIA elite partner, Linghua technology can make full use of NVIDIA’s advanced processing technology and strong technical support.

By integrating NVIDIA Quadro P1000 GPU, the PC / 104 module can access 640 CUDA cores with a performance of 1.8tflops. The module is equipped with 4GB gddr5 memory, 128 bit memory width and broadband transmission rate up to 96gb / s. Linghua technology cm5-p1000 is equipped with four UHD DisplayPort interfaces and 16 PCI 3.0 channel buses.

Gao Fuyao, general manager of Linghua technology network, communication and public utilities division, said: “engineers serving Aerospace and defense departments need high-performance, compact and reliable embedded technology. In addition, the supply chain must be reliable for a long time. Linghua technology’s cm5-p1000 modular design can provide customers with the flexibility and excellent durability. In addition, the module also highlights Linghua’s continuous attention and long-term commitment to PC / 104 technology. “

As one of the founding companies of PC / 104 technology, Linghua technology makes full use of its deep professional knowledge and rich practical experience in this field when developing new products. Even in harsh working environment, cm5-p1000 module can maintain normal operation time, and can cope with the challenges brought by extreme temperature, high altitude, shock and vibration, supporting – 40 ° C to + 85 ° C operating temperature range and up to 96% humidity. Cm5-p1000 module can run on Windows 10 system or 64 bit Linux system.

In the next few years, PC / 104 will still be an ideal small module for mission critical applications. With its high processing capacity, cm5-p1000 is suitable for a wide range of ground and air computing tasks, such as radar, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), missile system, etc. Cm5-p1000 is also suitable for industrial automation and process control.

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